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Afghan refugees to come to Muncie with MARRC

MUNCIE, Ind. (NewsLink) -- Afghan refugees will soon be coming into Muncie with the help of the Muncie Afghan Refugee Resettlement Committee, or MARRC. Due to the conditions in Afghanistan and the Taliban gaining control of the Afghan government, many Afghan citizens are in serious danger. They are seeking refuge in the United States of America and other nations that are willing to accept them. MARRC is a charitable, completely private organization that has decided to help facilitate the transfer of refugees, bringing them into the city of Muncie, Delaware County, and surrounding areas. MARRC also helps them become permanent Indiana residents. 

MARRC is part of a larger organization called Awaken, which has been helping Afghan families live the way they want to live right in Afghanistan for years. MARRC is a subset that looks to continue their work here in Muncie. The Afghan refugees coming to Indiana will first stop at Camp Atterbury in Indianapolis, and MARRC will step in and bring them to Muncie, where they will be provided a house and utilities. For the first two to three months, they will be given two free months of rent and utilities, along with other personal needs. During this period, the committee will be in direct contact with the refugees in helping lead them in the right direction and assisting them as they get acquainted within our community. The refugees will have this period to find jobs, enroll their children in Muncie schools, and fully immerse themselves into the community. 

For more information, you can visit their Facebook page @MARRC2021.

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