Current Ball State Sophomore, Charles Binion, gives the inside scoop about his current interning position from the Hearst Tower in the heart of Manhattan. 

What is your hometown and major?

I'm from Carmel, IN and Communication Studies with a focus in Public Communication.

How did you get the opportunity to take on an Internship at Cosmopolitan?

I had always heard of, which is a website that offers positions in the publishing industry. I looked on it and found one at Cosmo, and applied. I had my interview the next week and now I’m here!

How long are you currently interning there?

I am currently here from January through the end of April. I am interested in applying at another magazine such as NYLON or Vogue.

What are your tasks?

I work in the accessories department, so my responsibilities include checking in and returning merchandise to the PR company or designer, replying to all e-mails from our editors, running to designer’s studios around the city to pick up merchandise, and organizing the closet as much as possible.

Describe what a day is like interning at Cosmopolitan.

It’s the fashion industry, so it’s never a “typical” day. However, a “normal” day could be starting out doing returns of merchandise, getting an email from our editor saying she needs us to run to Brooklyn to grab a necklace, coming back, checking in a new handbag, responding to a few emails, and then returning merchandise to finish off the day.

Where is the location of the internship?

Cosmopolitan Magazine is located in the heart of Manhattan at the Hearst Tower in New York City, New York.