Although we are quickly approaching December, fall fashion is still in the forecast. This weather has enabled all of us young ladies to wear our favorite pair of leggings and boots well into November. Here is a rundown of fall fashion outfits that can still be worn on those warmer-than-usual days

1. Spunk is the one word to describe this mesh of clothing. Olive green is a popular color this season, so why not wear it for style and warmth as a jacket? Black bootie heels are the perfect shoes to strut around campus in with the black knee-high socks. Every girls needs a casual black skater skirt. These skirts are good for all year round. They can be worn with tights, leggings, or knee high socks. Create even more spunkiness by adding a colorful scarf.

2. Denim has never been more in and leggings are here to stay. For a casual day out or an afternoon date, leggings and denim are a simple outfit. Black combat boots help pull together the lower half of the clothing. A decorative sweater adds cuteness to the outfit, calmed down by a fall jacket for warmth and comfort.

3. Solid colors make the boldest statements. For both fall and winter, this outfit will blend perfectly with the weather. A simple short or long-sleeved white shirt, covered up by a tan, medium-thick jacket. This is best paired with dark bottoms, such as these black jeans. To coordinate with the top and pull it all together, I added these tan-heeled booties. For a pop of color, add an un-matched bracelet. Add a long necklace to create a flow between the articles of clothing. A patterned or bright colored scarf would also tie in very nicely with this combination, just depending on your personal preference.