Why You Shouldn't Leave Indiana After Graduating

If you’re about to graduate from your Indiana-based university or college, you may have now started to think about returning home. However, there are many reasons that staying on in the state could actually be a great move. From Indiana’s low cost of living to its safe communities, access to a vast range of outdoor activities, and vibrant job market, the state is the perfect place to be for a graduate. Below, we look at the benefits of extending your stay - maybe permanently.

Low Cost of Living

One of the key reasons to stay in Indiana after graduating is the state’s relatively low cost of living. You’ll pay, on average, 20% less than the national average for housing costs, and even groceries and utility bills are significantly lower in Indiana than in other states across the US - not to mention the lower level of income tax.

Even renters insurance is highly affordable here. And if you’re wondering whether this is an expense you can skip, be aware that having renters insurance in Indiana is always a good idea: a policy provides vital protection should your stuff get stolen or damaged, and many landlords actually require their tenants to have this type of insurance as part of the lease agreement.

All this means that you’ll have more money in your pocket to spend on the things you love if you choose to stay on in the Hoosier State after your studies have come to an end.

Thriving Job Market

Indiana’s job market and economy are thriving right now - meaning that turning your hard-earned degree or other qualification into a well-paying job is easier here than in many other states. Some of the most in-demand jobs in Indiana include teacher, medical assistant, compliance officer, mechanic, carpenter, electrician, and accountant.

There are also plenty of internship roles in Indiana, helping you to get that invaluable work experience - as well as a foot in the door of a great company! Whether you’re looking for an internship opportunity in civil engineering, sales and marketing, childcare, or business management, you’ll find it in Indiana.

It’s Safe

As well as its low cost of living and thriving job market, Indiana is, generally, a very safe state in which to live. According to the stats, both violent crime and property crime are lower here than the national average, while the friendly, strong communities that the state is known for adding to this feeling of safety: people and neighbors look out for one another here.

While, of course, common sense applies in Indiana as much as everywhere else, there’s an overarching ambiance of peace and safety here, adding to the reasons to stay here after you graduate.

Enjoy All Four Seasons

If you’re someone who appreciates all four seasons of weather, from breezy springs to long, hot summers to gorgeous falls to snowy winters, then you should definitely consider living in Indiana permanently.

While the seasons may present challenges, the opportunity to experience the beauty of Brown County in the autumn and watch the snow fall outside from the comfort of a chair by the fire is something that both draws and keeps many people in the Hoosier State.

Plenty to Do

You’ll love living in Indiana for the sheer range of activities that can be enjoyed here. Take a trip to Lake Michigan for some boating, kite surfing, scuba diving, fishing - or to simply relax with a book on the shore. There are loads of museums and art galleries scattered throughout the state, too, as well as plenty of festivals that run through the year. These include Flower Fest and the Sustain Art and Music Festival in May, the popular Bill Monroe’s Bluegrass Festival, and the Elkhart Festival in June.

The Indiana Dunes State Park and the Hoosier National Forest are also great places to get out and about in nature. The latter boasts 200,000 acres of land and over 250 miles of hiking trails perfect for walking, mountain biking, and even horse riding. From Indiana, you can also take a day trip (or sneaky weekend away) to Chicago to experience the bright lights of the big city whenever it takes your fancy.

Making Indiana Your Permanent Home Could be a Great Move

If your university studies in Indiana have come to an end, it’s worth thinking about whether, instead of heading home, you should stay in the Hoosier State. There are many reasons to do so, from the state’s affordable cost of housing and generally low cost of living to its plentiful job opportunities and the high quality of life enjoyed by residents here. So before preparing to say goodbye to Indiana, take a moment to imagine yourself living here permanently - you may be surprised at just what a tempting proposition this seems.

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