Membership clubs in Spain and Canada

Cannabis Clubs in Spain

Cannabis is among the most widely cultivated and used illicit substances worldwide, with an estimated 220 million individuals using it in 2021. With more countries legalizing the recreational use of marijuana, cannabis clubs continue to rise in prominence not only as a driving force behind cannabis legalization but also as a popular site for recreational usage, especially in countries where public consumption is prohibited. 

What’s a Cannabis Club?

Cannabis club is a word combination with several meanings: it can refer to a shop specializing in selling weed, weeds-infused edibles, and different strains; it can also refer to a non-profit and non-governmental organization that provides a space for members to cultivate and consume cannabis in countries where public use remains illegal. The goal of the cannabis club is straightforward: cultivation and distribution of enough substance to meet the members’ needs to dissuade them from acquiring marijuana from the black market.

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Spain’s Cannabis Club Culture

Spanish cannabis clubs are a great example of how crucial such sites can be in a country with legislation prohibiting cannabis sales, transportation, or public consumption. The current laws don’t stop Spaniards from having one of the most robust cannabis consumption cultures in Europe, with Barcelona boasting numerous clubs that cater to the ever-rising demand.

How do clubs continue to operate with laws prohibiting public consumption and selling? The answer lies in Spanish legislation explicitly stating that personal use doesn’t constitute a crime, which means that cannabis clubs can operate in this gray zone. Such a legal loophole has brought a fundamental change to Spanish consumption culture: not only individuals can become club members, typically for a small monthly fee, but they also know the origin and quality of their product and don’t need to resort to purchasing from the black market anymore. 

Of course, to become a member, you would typically need to adhere to a set of clearly defined rules, including age restrictions (typically over 21 years), a monthly fee, compliance with local laws, and stating that you do not intend to resell the product. Additionally, a current member needs to vouch for potential members who need to go through an interview. 

To sum up, both medical and recreational cannabis are here to stay. With the introduction of social clubs, consumers can use responsibly by buying weed of known origin and quality without risking purchasing marijuana from the black market. 

Cannabis Clubs in Canada

A cannabis lounge or cannabis club is a specialized establishment designed for the consumption of cannabis products. These venues are equipped with designated smoking areas, but they also offer a variety of dishes and drinks infused with cannabis. It's a unique space that allows patrons to try these original dishes and beverages and purchase exciting souvenirs. Canada was one of the first countries in the world to open such clubs, with the legalization of medical cannabis occurring as early as 2018. Thus, the clubs and their visitation are legal and safe in Canada.

Benefits of Growing with Feminized Seeds

For those interested in cultivating their own cannabis, feminized seeds offer a convenient and reliable option. Feminized seeds are specially bred to ensure that nearly all the plants will be female, which are the ones that produce the desirable buds. This makes the growing process easier and more efficient, as you won't have to worry about identifying and removing male plants. Many cannabis enthusiasts prefer feminized seeds because they maximize the yield and quality of the harvest, ensuring a more fruitful and rewarding growing experience.

Of course, you can create a similar atmosphere at home by turning on the music, choosing something from the assortment at your local dispensary, and growing your harvest from feminized seeds. However, visiting a club provides an opportunity to socialize with like-minded individuals and enjoy quality leisure time.

Where can you find marijuana clubs in Canada?

Under Canadian laws, each province sets its own rules regarding the possibility of cannabis consumption in specialized clubs. For example, it is quite easy in Ontario or British Columbia to find such establishments as they operate legally and are open to visitors. In some provinces, the rules are stricter, and there are limitations, so this unique vibe is not felt throughout the country. Even where the establishment of a club is legal, it must be licensed, and strict age restrictions and consumption rules are enforced.

What Are the Most Famous Cannabis Clubs in Canada?

Want to try a new experience and feel the unique atmosphere of a cannabis lounge? Then you should definitely visit one of the establishments you might visit.

1.     The Hotbox Café is located in Toronto. It was founded in 2003, making it one of the first and oldest lounges. Club patrons can enjoy a captivating atmosphere and try a variety of cannabis-infused snacks and beverages purchased from the dispensary.

2.     The Green Ceiling will appeal to those seeking a cozy place to relax in St. John's, Newfoundland, and Labrador. The menu features edibles, vaporizers, and bongs. It's an interesting place to experience the authentic and centuries-old culture of cannabis consumption.

3.     You'll find the cannabis-friendly 420 Café in downtown Edmonton. Here, you can enjoy live music, comedy, and stand-up shows, as well as a variety of other entertainment events. A rich menu offering intriguing options will provide an entirely new experience.

4.     Club Rivi in Montreal is a members-only establishment closed to casual visitors. You need to become a club member to gain entry. However, for members, there's a laid-back atmosphere created for consuming cannabis in various forms and for socializing with friends.

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