Downtown Muncie store, Kat's Crystals & Curiosities, is a mother-daughter run metaphysical business

Kat’s Crystals & Curiosities has satin spar wands, raw black tourmaline, crystal chips and hearts, as well as the popular tumbled crystals Jan. 17 at Kat’s Crystals and Curiosities. Each item is marked correctly with the name and price available. Ellie Marker, DN
Kat’s Crystals & Curiosities has satin spar wands, raw black tourmaline, crystal chips and hearts, as well as the popular tumbled crystals Jan. 17 at Kat’s Crystals and Curiosities. Each item is marked correctly with the name and price available. Ellie Marker, DN

Kat’s Crystals and Curiosities is a place full of hidden gems, from crystals and bones to local artists who have their work displayed for sale. 

The business started out as just a hobby for Kat Mesaros. She has always been interested in collecting various crystals and learning about the metaphysical properties they hold. When the COVID-19 pandemic started in 2020, she knew she wanted to get more into crafting with gemstones. 

Kat saw an event called “Hippie Fest,” known for arts and music, and signed up to be a vendor there. Her mom, Shannah Mesaros, joined her and created things to sell at the stand as well. Since then, they’ve been a team.

All of the jewelry is hand-made by Kat and Shannah, except for the hematite rings. Kat makes the earrings and crystal bracelets while Shannah makes the rings and wire wraps pendants. 

They grew more through pop-up events and an ETSY shop, but their primary focus has become Facebook and the physical store, which opened in November 2023 after the mother-daughter pair obtained their Limited Liability Company (LLC) in July 2022.

Kat’s Crystals & Curiosities is one of few metaphysical stores in Muncie and is located downtown. Kat said many of the customers have left positive feedback about how nice it is to have a store like it in Muncie.

The pair share the responsibilities of running this local business and run it as a 50/50 partnership. They both create the majority of products in the store with other items sold from a team of 10-12 local artists and a few authentic wholesalers.

Kat’s Crystals & Curiosities sells products like gemstone bracelets, wire rings, tarot, runes, candles, herbs, paintings, clothing, ethically sourced sage and incense. The best-selling items are crystals, handmade jewelry — specifically earrings — and books. 

Shannah said that crystals have energies and can be charged by things like moonlight, sunlight, moon water, Florida water, sound, smoke or even by your own intentions as you hold a crystal. They charge all of their crystals in store by moonlight and moon water, if it is safe for the crystal. 

Kat Crystal 8.jpg

Jade Gardner and Sunshine Sanders finish off their happiness spell jar Jan. 17 at Kat’s Crystals and Curiosities. They got to use their creativity in this personalized experience. Ellie Marker, DN

Shannah shared that oftentimes customers come in to search for a certain crystal with a meaning and find a crystal they feel drawn to. It ends up that the crystal they are looking for is the one that stood out to them. 

“It seems coincidental, but you were drawn to it for a reason,” Shannah said.

The business has received a ton of support from other local business owners in addition to its customers. Some of the business owners with shops also located downtown know one another from previous networking and by their hospitality when a new place opens. 

“A lot of people are happy to have this in our community now,” Kat said. “I think it is good for the community and the local economy because we are keeping our dollar in Muncie.”

Occasionally, special events are held in the building, like tarot readings or yoga with people found through networking at different events, festivals or trusted shop customers. Some mediums and spiritualists from Camp Chesterfield in Chesterfield, Indiana, have also been invited to the store. These events are posted on the store’s Facebook with further information regarding each event.

“We can’t do it all, but we know people who can,” Shannah said.

One of their big goals has been to include local artists in the shop. Shannah shared they have the space and love to help artists who don’t have a store.

Kat said they are still gathering information as they go, as a business and as people. They are always welcoming of knowledge that their customers bring in. For example, one customer came in and shared their knowledge of “Witches’ Runes,” — a series of symbols carved in resin or stone used in divination — and it inspired Kat to start selling a few sets.

“Some of the things I stock I don’t necessarily use myself, but I know people in the community do, and so, I like to have that available for them,” Kat said.

A new addition to their space is dedicated to a personalized experience with a “Create Your Own Spell Jar” bar. 

Kat Crystal 2.jpg

Jade Gardner and her daughter Sunshine Sanders made a stop at the new “create your own spell jar” bar Jan. 17 at Kat’s Crystals and Curiosities. They include small dried flowers into their bottle. Ellie Marker, DN

There are four sizes of jars to pick from and a table loaded with various ingredients and things for maximum creativity and customization. Both Kat and Shannah are highly educated about the meanings and uses of each item available and gladly carry on conversations with each guest. 

Jade Gardner, a good friend of Kat, has been supporting her from the start. She was the very first customer at the shop when it opened.

“[Kat] puts her heart and soul into all this, and you are going to get great products,” Gardner said.

Gardner and her daughter, Sunshine Sanders, put together a spell jar for happiness, loaded with various ingredients that match the intention and energy they want. Clear quartz, small yellow flowers and moon water were added into the bottle. Each item symbolizes peace, protection and happiness — matching the intentions of their creation. Together, the two added charms of the sun and a star to the top of the bottle before pouring yellow wax to finish off their spell. 

For those who are interested in learning more, Kat said books are a good place to start. The store sells affordable tumbled crystals and tarot with guidebooks that are also great for beginners. 

“We really try to be there for people who don’t feel like they have a community elsewhere,” Kat said. “Our customers are amazing. They are some of the most supportive, great people ever.” 

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