Get around town for free with MITS!

It’s cold outside, but MITS can make the winter easier to get through


This time of year, the roads get slick and the air gets cold. You might be dreading having to wake up early in the morning to scrape the ice off your car. However, there is a way to avoid this. With MITS, you can get around town without worrying about the weather. Best of all, it’s free for students!

MITS has 14 routes covering destinations all over Muncie, including Ball State, the Muncie Mall, Ball Memorial Hospital, Walmart, Minnetrista, Downtown Muncie and more! To see a full map of the routes and the bus schedule, click here.

Riding the bus for the first time might seem intimidating, but MITS makes it as easy as possible. Simply go to the Plan Your Trip page on the MITS website. Here, you input where you’re coming from and going to, as well as what time you’re departing, and they’ll give you step by step instructions on which stop to go to and which bus to get on. Additionally, with the MITSBus app, you can get real time location info and more accurate ETA.

In addition to the regular MITS system, there is also MITSPlus, which allows mobility impaired persons to get around via a door-to-door van service. To use this service, you must fill out a two-part application to determine eligibility.

As the winter season rages on, avoid the troubles of a car and save gas by getting around with MITS. Make sure to bring your student ID to enjoy the free ride!

To learn more, visit or call MITS at (765) 289-6487.

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