Creating Memorable Holidays for Deployed Family Members

The holiday season paints a vivid picture of intimate gatherings, the echo of cheerful laughter, and the comfort of being surrounded by loved ones. For military families and deployed service members wearing thin ribbons abroad, this celebration can sometimes be clouded by the absence of loved ones. 

However, distance should not dampen the holiday spirit. Even miles apart, it is possible to create heartfelt and unforgettable celebrations. Here are some strategies to ensure the festive cheer reaches every deployed family member.

Personalized Care Packages

Sending care packages to those serving overseas is a cherished ritual. Elevate this gesture by infusing it with a touch of home and heart. For instance, you could pack festive ornaments or homemade cookies during Christmas. 

For Thanksgiving, weave in autumnal decorations or treats reminiscent of pumpkin spice. Engage children in creating DIY crafts, whether it’s their innocent drawings or handmade ornaments. 

Don’t forget to sprinkle in aspects of local culture, such as hometown newspapers or a snack unique to your region, ensuring your loved one feels close to home.

Virtual Gatherings

In our digital age, oceans and continents are no barriers to connection. Harness technology to diminish the miles between you. Given the potential challenges posed by time zones and military duties, pre-schedule video calls, ensuring both parties can eagerly anticipate and prepare for them

Families can also turn traditional holiday activities into shared virtual experiences. For instance, simultaneously watch a beloved holiday film or prepare a cherished family recipe. Engaging in online holiday-themed games or even singing carols together on a call can help build shared memories, no matter the distance.

Community Support

Communities often rally around their deployed members and the families left at home. Immersing oneself in such supportive environments can provide immense comfort. Consider hosting or joining group events with other families in a similar situation. 

These collective endeavors, be it communal dinners or package-sending drives, foster a spirit of solidarity. If you've navigated a holiday season with a deployed family member before, offer guidance and support to those newly experiencing this challenge. 

Additionally, many local communities also roll out holiday initiatives for military families. These events, from special parades to church services, offer a sense of belonging and recognition.

Keep Traditions Alive

Holiday traditions are the backbone of the festive season. The absence of a loved one might make it tempting to bypass these rituals, but maintaining them is vital. 

Chronicle the day's festivities, from meal preparations to the joyous unwrapping of gifts. Create videos or scrapbooks to share these moments with the deployed members, making them feel part of the celebration. It's also an opportune moment to introduce fresh traditions. 

Setting a symbolic place at the dinner table or lighting a candle can also be a poignant gesture. Most importantly, share stories of past celebrations and cherished memories, ensuring that the essence of the holiday remains undiluted.

Create a Memory Lane

Craft a tangible reminder of past holidays and shared memories. An album or digital slideshow highlighting moments from past years can evoke feelings of nostalgia and continuity. 

These 'memory lanes' can be powerful emotional bridges, reminding your deployed members they are missed, remembered, and cherished. It's not just about reminiscing but also reinforcing that they remain an integral part of the family's festive narrative.

Adapt and Adopt New Rituals

Being flexible can be a source of strength. While some traditions might not be feasible due to the distance, it opens the door to establishing new ones. For instance, you could plant a tree or a flower in honor of the deployed family member each holiday season. As it grows, it stands as a living testament to the passage of time and the enduring bond of the family. 

Or consider writing letters – not emails but actual handwritten letters — dated for specific future dates. This can provide your loved one with words of love and encouragement to read throughout the coming year.

Community Collaboration

Take the initiative to involve the larger community in supporting deployed members. Organize community-wide events like 'Write-a-thon' where residents pen down thank-you notes or holiday greetings for those serving overseas. 

Engage local schools to have children create artwork or holiday cards. Such gestures, especially from strangers, underscore the widespread appreciation and goodwill for their service and sacrifice.

Embracing Distance as a Heartfelt Connection

Every family can find its rhythm in the dance of holidays, even when separated by miles and duty. It's about the cadence of love echoing across distances, transforming absence into presence, sharing joy and memories. 

As we bridge the geographical gaps, let's remember that the true essence of holidays lies in the heart. Here's to creating moments that last a lifetime, regardless of where we are.

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