Top Basketball Movies that Have the Power to Motivate

Sports arenas are great theatres of drama and inspiration. Sitting courtside at an NBA match, you can feel the atmosphere and feed off the energy flow between fans and players. It creates an emotional investment and you would likely leave your seat feeling pumped up thanks to the adrenalin of your experience.

Watching high-level athletes is a highly inspiring sight. Do you have to get expensive tickets or a lofty sports channel subscription to tap into that? No, just watch some movies.

Watch and Learn

The well of motivation that can be pulled from watching elite sports is extremely deep. How many times have you watched a basketball match and wished that it was you sinking the buzzer-beater? 

Sport has a habit of pulling the best out of people, both those who play and those who watch. Here are some basketball movies that you can watch and feel motivated by.

Coach Carter

This is a great one to start with as the lead character, played by Samuel L. Jackson, does what all good sports movie protagonists do - inspire. Coach Ken Carter is tasked with raising the standards of a High School basketball team. Not only does he lift the players to better things on the court, but Carter insists on academic success too. There are inspiring messages of discipline, dedication and accountability in the film, as well as meeting challenges head-on.


Who doesn’t enjoy a good underdog story? That is the premise of the Hoosiers movie, which was inspired by real-life events. Back in the 1950’s the Milan High School basketball went on a highly improbable state championship run from nowhere. 

The film depicts that story and is a classic. There are huge currents of motivation to take from Hoosiers, including overcoming adversity, teamwork, the belief in the potential and sticking to values and principles.

Glory Road

Another uplifting basketball move that can motivate is Glory Road. It’s another that's based on a true story, as the Texas Western Miners team from the 1960s had to overcome a lot of barriers to win the NCAA basketball championship. 

The movie focuses on the racial barriers the team had to overcome to reach the top. They got there, making history as the first all-black starting line-up to win the NCAA Championship.

How Can Basketball Motivate?

Think about what you see on a basketball court. The first big thing is the level of personal fitness that the players have. Yes, they get paid a lot of money to be in prime physical condition and benefit from sports science that the average person can only dream of.

But watching players can spark a desire within people to get moving to improve their current physical fitness simply. It may be getting out into the backyard or to the local park to shoot some hoops a few times a week.

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Teamwork is another obvious aspect of how basketball can motivate. Managing different personalities, coming together, and listening to and supporting others are great life skills to have. Being involved in a ‘tribe’ and having that sense of belonging and camaraderie is great for mental wellness.

The list goes on. Watch a match and you will see leadership from individuals who are happy to carry the weight of the team on their shoulders and motivate others to play their best. Out of that, inspiring positive role models can spring forth. 

In Conclusion

There are many great basketball movies out there, which focus on different angles of the sport and of life. White Men Can’t Jump, He Got Game and The Basketball Diaries are other notable movies that could slip onto the list.

But it’s not just basketball where those motivational themes can be found. They can be taken from any movie about any sport, from the classic Rocky movies to Moneyball. 

Motivation isn’t exclusive and naturally different people will get different things out of the movies. For some, it could be all about teamwork and unity, for others it could be about self-improvement. 

Regardless, thanks to a variety of themes and perspectives on life, movies can offer a little bit more than just a couple of hours of entertainment - they can lift and inspire.

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