7 Signs That You are Ready to Further Your Education

It can be difficult for even the most motivated to figure out what they want to do in life and then stick to that plan, and many situations might force someone to drop out of college. Whether you had to put your education on hold, never went to college, or want to get an advanced degree, furthering your education can help you grow personally and professionally. There are a few signs you may be ready to further your education.

1. Conscious of the Costs

If you worry about paying for a degree, you are not the only one. Degrees can be expensive, even at a more affordable school. Consider how much you stand to gain as well. Getting a degree can make you more employable and help you get a higher-paying job in nearly any field. One option is a student loan. If you are considering getting one, you can review credit requirements and review if you need a cosigner to get it on your own.

2. Want Better Career Opportunities

You may have found you have reached the peak of where your education will take you, but if you are craving new opportunities, furthering your education may be what opens those up, or you might be interested in taking a new career path, which means an additional degree could be what you need. Getting another degree can be one of the best ways of expanding your options. Many employers require a bachelor’s or even a master’s and getting one can open up these opportunities to you.

3. Have College Credits

You might think that if you previously took a step back from your education, you would need to retake some classes. But this is not always the case. In fact, most of the time, you will be able to transfer some previous credits to your new institution. Of course, transfer policies can depend on the school, and some schools will accept more classes from other universities than others.

If you are getting your graduate degree, you will not be able to transfer as many credits. However, you can still potentially carry some coursework over, even if you never started a graduate-level course. Many times, 500-level courses will transfer over to graduate level courses. Not to mention you will still be able to take advantage of student discounts once you are officially re-enrolled. 

4. No Longer Growing

It is common for employees to grow beyond their positions and to no longer be challenged by their work. If you are not growing or learning, the position might not be in line with your current skillset. While you might be comfortable now, you may become dissatisfied with your job later and no longer are motivated to do anything besides coast along. Getting a degree can make you qualified to take on a more challenging role that will help you grow.

5. Feel You Could Succeed in Multiple Directions

Even if you are not sure yet what degree path you want to take, you can still take steps toward furthering your education, and being open to different options can be helpful because it allows you to work closely with advisors to take a degree trajectory that better aligns with your goals in life. If you want to accelerate your degree, you can work with advisors to come up with a plan to help you get there.

6. Able to Ask for Help

One sign of becoming more mature is knowing that you do not have all the answers. Becoming more self-aware can help you be a better student because it will help you understand when you need assistance. Instead of asking for help after failing an assignment, you will be able to take advantage of your school’s support resources to help you stay on track. Schools offer plenty of resources, including course selection assistance, tutoring, and career counseling. You might be able to get academic advising and technical support as well. Being mature enough to ask for help will allow you to take full advantage of all these services.

7. Already Careful With Your Time

Many students do not feel they have the time required to get another degree. One of the most common reasons for leaving college is the inability to balance school and work. Being thoughtful about how you get your degree could mean your future is more relaxed. Transferring credits and going through an accelerated program may not seem like the best way to balance school and work, but it also means you can finish sooner than you thought. Picking the right school can help you make things work better too. Many schools now offer online classes so you can learn in any format. At other times, classes are offered at different hours, such as in the evenings, to accommodate a full-time work schedule.

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