Living luxuriously at Village Promenade

How will your day improve when you live at Village Promenade?


The Right Place  

You have been looking nonstop for a place to live off-campus for the upcoming semester. You want housing that is close to campus and offers all the amenities that fit your needs. Tuesday, you decide to go to Brother’s for $2 burgers and your server overhears you talking about your housing. They mentioned how much they love living at Village Promenade and that they can walk to class and only have to go downstairs to their job! It’s only 5:15 so you call the office and schedule a tour for Wednesday. After visiting the property and touring with their leasing team, you decide this is definitely going to be your new home away from home! 

Life at the VP 

Moving into Village Promenade is such a breeze when you don’t have to worry about moving in any furniture since your new studio is fully furnished! School starts tomorrow, time to go to bed in your freshly made queen size memory foam mattress. It’s so comfy that it does not take too long before you are drifting off to dreamland!  Waking up and looking at the clock you notice your first class is in 30 minutes. You are worry free while getting ready because you know your class is only a 5 minute walk from Village Promenade. While walking out the door you notice your trash needs taken out and decide to take it down to the trash chute that is conveniently down the hall from your apartment and by the exit on every floor! Snow will be here before you know it and not having to haul your trash out to the cold is definitely a win!

After a busy day of classes, you change into comfy clothes located in your California-style closet. You put your dirty clothes in your laundry basket and decide to go ahead and throw in a load before you start dinner so it can be ready to put away after you eat! Using the kitchen’s spacious granite countertops you start laying out your groceries to make dinner and turn on your burner to get the pasta water boiling. After eating dinner you decide to heat up cookies in the microwave, grateful you baked them in your oven the night before. You then load up the dishwasher and call your bestie to come hang out. While you wait for their arrival it is time to lounge on the couch to watch your favorite tv show. You turn on your 42” HDTV flat-screen and enjoy the cable provided by Village Promenade. Your friend buzzes your apartment from the front door. The building is limited access, so since they do not live here (yet) you head down to let them in. Next year, they already can’t wait to be your neighbor! You grab your mail and head back up to enjoy some bestie time hanging out on the balcony and enjoying the fresh air! As the sun starts to set you head to the rooftop to lay in the hammocks and wind down while gazing up at the stars.

Over the weekend you call up 2 friends to go hang out at the pool and hot tub. The leasing team was down at the pool handing out popsicles and told us about the pool party they are hosting next weekend. We will definitely be there! After eating at a local restaurant in The Village your friends decide they want to do something fun for the night. You suggest heading down to the clubhouse because it is open 24-hours and you can play pool, foosball, and ping pong! Let the games begin.

While in the 24-hour study lounge working on a project with classmates they tell you they have a 4-bedroom apartment at Village promenade and invite you over when the project is done. You get to meet their cute cat named Ivy and see the layout of their apartment. You notice the roommates each have their own en suite bathroom and walk-in closet, just like yours! Maybe instead of being your neighbor your bestie will come room with you next year!

Walking back to your apartment you remember you forgot something in your car. While walking over to the parking garage you see one of the two courtesy officers that are onsite 24-hours and stop to say hello! It is so nice to know that there are officers on-site at all times. 

After getting what you needed from the car you remember you got a text that you received a package in the Parcel Pending lockers! It’s so nice to be able to pick up your packages at any time!

While winding down from a great first week of classes you lay in bed and go onto instagram. While scrolling, a post from Village Promenade pops up! Monday they are doing free cookies from Insomnia Cookies down in the office! You can not wait to get one after class! You start to get curious about what other events they have done so you decide to go on the page and see fun events from pool parties to free food in the office! They even did a friendsgiving in November! I love that I am a part of a community, not just an apartment complex! You decide to turn their post notifications on to make sure you are notified for the next events, excited to see what’s coming up in the next few weeks!

Learn More 

Having a work-play lifestyle is important and Village Promenade offers this experience for students. They have tons of options that meet your desired living needs. From four bedrooms, all the way to a one-bed deluxe. To get more information on the Village Promenade visit their website and sign a lease today! 

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