How to Make the Most of Your College Years

These will be some of the most memorable years of your life. Going to college is a big step and a lot is at stake, so the crucial word here is balance. You need to combine your new freedom and all the enjoyment it can bring with the reason you’re at college in the first place: to learn and come out with a qualification. Here are some tips on how to make the best of your college years to get what you want while enjoying the experience to the max.


Study Takes Priority

Yes, get your head down and take advantage of this opportunity because you are being handed the benefit of other people’s education to continue yours. The best way to ensure you profit from this is to pay attention: attend lectures, attend seminars, and don’t just sit there daydreaming. Even if you were like that in high school and did well enough to get this shot at tertiary education, now you need to take it seriously.


That means working on your own as well as in class. Use the library. Do some stuff at home – not every waking hour but be disciplined enough to have productive periods. An hour after breakfast or before bed, find the ideal time. Some do their best stuff in the morning and are finished by lunchtime. Others are night owls who operate well when the rest of the world is asleep. Find the best way for you to do it but do it.



Many young people, when composing their resumé, including socializing in their list of hobbies, and although this won’t impress many prospective employers, socializing is a healthy thing to do. Meet people, find soulmates, individuals, and groups who share your interests and views. Get your mind broadened by people who have different views. At some point you’re going to fall in love, or at least in lust, and that too is a healthy part of growing up. It can also be painful at times, but this is just the start of your journey, and you live and learn. Everybody has loved and lost it’s not the end of the world.


Manage your Finances

You’ve probably got a student loan. Now how about getting a credit or debit card? Read up online about the options and see what lenders are prepared to do for little old you, who may soon turn into the mighty you. Look up a student’s guide to credit cards and find out what you can get and work out what you can afford to pay back. Credit ratings are important to many employers and lenders, and your track record starts now, so make the best choices you can.


Stay Active

Some people switch off their sport button when they go to college, because there are so many other things they can be doing, and Mom isn’t there to take them to soccer practice or track and field training. But that’s a terrible waste of your talent. If you were a top basketball player at 16, you can be one again at 20. You will stay fit, look good, feel good, and find friends and admirers. Maybe you won’t be a pro, but you can have a lot of fun as an amateur.

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