Best Neighborhoods for Ball State Graduate Students

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Choosing the right neighborhood is crucial for a graduate student at Ball State. It's one of the factors that can influence your activities since it can significantly impact one's ability to focus and succeed in school, health and happiness, and general quality of life. To help you decide which community is right for you, consider these factors:

Though each area has its own quirks and benefits, a Ball State graduate student's ideal location will ultimately depend upon the student's personal preference. It's essential to consider how close the place is to school, how safe it is, how much it costs, and what conveniences you have nearby.

Here are some locations and neighborhoods within Ball State University that might be perfect for your studies.

Great Ball State Neighborhoods For Graduate Students 

The Halteman Village

Halteman Village is a community with apartment complexes and single-family homes east of the Ball State University campus. Graduate students and their families looking for a more laid-back environment often choose to live in this welcoming neighborhood. Its peaceful atmosphere is liked by students who need a quiet place to concentrate on their studies.

The community is also known for being family-friendly. It has many amenities like parks, playgrounds, and schools, which attracts more people to the area. Compared to some areas closer to the University, the cost of living in Halteman Village is often more reasonable. 

There's a diverse selection of housing opportunities in the community, such as apartments and single-family homes, which may accommodate various financial constraints. You can ask your broker or's mortgage lending service for assistance. They'll be able to assist you in finding the perfect home and help you through the mortgage process conveniently.

The Mckinley Avenue

Mckinley Avenue is a well-liked area by graduate students because of its proximity to Ball State University. It's located north of the main campus, giving students easy access to and from home during intermittent classes or emergencies. It's also a choice location for students who find living inside the school a bit off their style.

Because of its proximity to the school, it can be the best location for those who don't have a car or don't plan to own a vehicle just yet. You may choose from many for lease and sale homes and apartments available in the area. Graduate students who wish to be near grocery stores, restaurants, and coffee shops will undoubtedly like the neighborhood.

The Old West End

It's a historic neighborhood located west of the Ball State Campus. Known for its beautiful Victorian homes and tree-lined streets, the area provides various accommodation alternatives for graduate students, like apartments and houses for rent.

More affordable housing will also be constructed in the area to accommodate the growing need of locals and the influx of people coming to reside in the locality.

The Village Promenade

The Village Promenade is located east of the University. It provides its residents with fully furnished apartments and various amenities like a fitness center, study lounges, and a rooftop terrace. These conveniences are what your usual graduate student will look for in an accommodation.

Living in this neighborhood can provide a sense of community and belongingness among graduate students who can socialize and interact with each other easily. These advantages will help foster friendship and a peer support system throughout the arduous graduate studies.

In Conclusion

From the north to the south of Ball State University are neighborhoods that offer conducive accommodations to graduate students that may find favor in their present needs. It's best that you choose the one where you'll be most comfortable.

 It's a known fact that graduate education is not an easy feat because not many qualify for one. Still, you should always hope for the best and hope that the location you choose will help you go through your studies smoothly. 

Check out and browse some of the suggestions and insights on the links in this section to decide on the best neighborhood for you while studying at Ball State University.

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