Graduation Checklist for Undergrads

With exam season over and your final term approaching, it's time to start thinking about graduation. It's an exciting time that marks the beginning of a new chapter. It is also a way to celebrate your accomplishments with friends and family after years of hard work in school.

Graduation preparations can be overwhelming. In addition to finals, college applications, and an overwhelming sense of pressure, you must ensure that you have completed your graduation requirements. For this, you can create a checklist to guarantee the success of your graduation day. 

Helpful Checklist For Undergraduates

1. Make Sure to Apply For Graduation

To ensure your place on the list of graduating students, register for the ceremony and write your name correctly for your diploma. Ensuring the correct details in your graduation papers is your ticket to a promising future. After you've gone through the stressful final exams, all you need now is to file your graduation application and join the graduation march.

Your school will verify your transcripts to guarantee your graduation eligibility. If you still need to complete courses, consult your academic advisor to confirm eligibility. All students must apply for graduation by completing the "Application for Degree" form and submitting it by the deadline listed in the academic calendar.

2. Complete All Of Your School Requirements

Before graduating, most schools will require you to submit any projects you may have. You will also be required to complete an exit interview if you have student loans and other financial liabilities. Settle all library and school debts to avoid problems.

Sometimes there are concerns and issues that you may have overlooked and were unable to comply with over your school years. It's time to settle all of them. Otherwise, your name might be taken off the graduatings' list.

3. Send Out Invitation Cards

Even if some are already aware that you will be graduating this year, an announcement is an excellent way to keep them up to date. Customized graduation invitations or postcards are the best ways to inform your friends and loved ones about this most important milestone of your life.

Sending out graduation invitations will make your loved ones and acquaintances important and part of your success. Some will feel honored, while others will already be booking work recommendations to help you out. 

4. Keep Yourself Updated On Your School's Graduation Requirements 

Keep an eye out for email updates from your department regarding department-specific graduation tasks. You will also receive emails from the Office of the University Registrar regarding the status of your graduation application during your final quarter. It could help you prepare for last-minute changes or announcements regarding your application.

5. Attend Your Graduation Day

Some may consider a graduation day just one of those days to have fun, but it's not.

Your graduation ceremony is also known as your commencement or convocation ceremony. You get to wear your academic robe on this memorable day. Because it's in this ceremony that you'll transition from "graduand" to "graduate" after walking off the stage. You'll also hear inspiring messages from notable faculty members and guest speakers to help your working career later.

It's also the time when you can shake the hands of your school Chancellor and other honorable guests that are unreachable during regular academic days. You must attend your graduation day. Some employers specifically attend graduation rites to scout for their next employee. Who knows? It might be you.

In Conclusion

Your graduation is the most important day of your student life. It's where you can say that all your hardships and efforts finally paid off. You are finally moving on to the next chapter of your life and can start preparing for the real working world.

Remember all of the time and effort you put into acquiring your degree. Consider all of your family's struggles and sacrifices. When you're old and grey and reflecting on your life, your graduation day will be one of the most unforgettable experiences you have ever encountered.

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