How to Feel More Alert Throughout the Day

Finding extra energy throughout the day is no easy feat. Especially considering that most of us aren’t getting enough regular rest. Therefore, most of us start the day with a battery that’s already somewhat depleted. This can make it challenging to find the energy to get through daily obligations, let alone any extra energy for hobbies, personal pleasures, self-growth, or even simple relaxation.

That being said, many people have found a way to balance their daily and weekly schedules with the help of a proper routine that focuses on health and well-being. This allows them to get through their weeks without feeling exhausted and completely drained. 

In reality, no single solution will increase how alert you feel throughout the day. Instead, it takes a commitment to a variety of healthy lifestyle choices that will result in a deepened individual energy pool, and a more fulfilling day-to-day experience. By increasing how alert you are, you can also effectively increase your awareness, which is extremely valuable.

Energy Supplements

There is an entire market segment dedicated to energy drinks and supplements. From espresso and coffee-based products to a straight-up caffeine patch and just about everything in between, people live and swear by their various energy supplement regimens. Everyone's different, and so are the energy solutions we find for ourselves in our own lives.

Some people drink coffee every morning and throughout the day, giving them the boost they need to stay alert and aware and keep putting one foot in front of the other. Many others, however, prefer one of the popular energy drinks like Monster or Red Bull.

While some energy supplements are healthier than others, it’s important to note that some of the most common ingredients in energy supplements include: caffeine, vitamin B12, and ginseng. By learning more about how these different ingredients impact you as an individual, you may be able to find the right energy supplements that work for you and your routine.

Getting More Rest

When it comes to feeling more alert, aware, and awake throughout the day, the best way to bring your A-game is to prioritize getting enough quality rest every night. This is difficult because most working professionals and many members of our younger demographics struggle to get enough sleep to be healthy.

People who don’t get enough high-quality rest are more likely to suffer from periods of burnout and over-exhaustion because they aren’t giving their bodies enough time to recharge and recover before they push themselves to the brink again. Eventually, the body and brain can’t handle the overload, leading to a sort of shutdown that can manifest in several ways.

On the other hand, those who prioritize getting enough rest feel more energized daily, tend to wake up earlier and feel less emotionally volatile than their under-rested counterparts.

Working on Being Present

Being alert and being present sounds like two sides of the same coin, and they are. However, there’s an important distinction to make with being present, as this is an active state of being.

Passive presence is showing up and being physically in a space. Active presence, on the other hand, is bringing your attention, focus, and energy into that space and giving that to the other people in the room.

By consciously working to be more present in your day-to-day life, you’ll also find an ability to maintain your energy
levels when needed.

Regular Exercise

It may sound counterproductive, but making time for regular exercise is a healthy habit to build. Not only that, but the more exercise becomes a habit, the more daily energy it will add to your life.

While it might start as something that adds to your exhaustion, humans thrive on physical activity, and with a bit of time and consistency, regular exercise will lead to higher levels of daily energy and stamina.

A Healthy Diet

In the same way that regular exercise can help elevate your daily energy levels, so can a healthy and well-rounded diet. We are what we eat, as cliche as it may sound, and as such, we need to provide our bodies with a solid foundation of vitamins and nutrients as fuel.

A few Final Words

Increasing our daily energy levels relies on a comprehensive effort that genuinely addresses all sides of our health and well-being. This means focusing on our diet, exercise, sleeping patterns, and finding energy supplements that work with our bodies and routines.

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