Top Tools for Business Graduates

Graduates in graduation gowns and mortarboards. Advanced training or business school concept
Graduates in graduation gowns and mortarboards. Advanced training or business school concept

Newly minted college grads who majored in business need all the help they can get to land a position in their preferred field. Creating excellent resumes, researching job openings, and practicing in-person interview skills are just three things on the minds of those about to enter the employment market. But in an era when the economy is not so hot and hiring agents are as selective as ever, it's imperative for B-school graduates to leverage the power of as many tools as possible.

For nearly every holder of a fresh diploma, that means taking time to research the most common tactics and methods in current use. Owners and HR (human resources) teams like to know that candidates have a basic grasp of concepts like data science, accounting applications, CRM (customer relationship management) software, and other core components of modern commercial strategies. Review the following areas to determine your current level of understanding. Consider brushing up on the topics you are not fully familiar with.

Visual Analytic Techniques

Most B-school grads already know some of the key features of visual analytics, but it's wise to delve into the topic because it's gainingground as a widespread approach in so many different areas of commercial enterprise and for-profit corporate projects. Not only has it won over thousands of top executives, but employees in all management tiers value visual analytics because it is the single most efficient way to relay vast amounts of information in an understandable way. Unlike but closely related to one of its subsets, data visualization, analytics refers to the entire process that leads up to the creation of the final output, visually presented data.

Accounting Apps

The array of modern accounting apps is astounding both in the scope of offerings andthe immense power of the systems. While they don't replace the guided, intelligent counsel of a trained professional, several of the latest apps can help new college grads take the grunt work out of chores like tax return preparation, sales account settlement, and inventory evaluation.

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Software

CRM products enable owners of small and medium-sized organizations to acquire vast amounts of relevant data on all their current clients. Not only that, but the software includes features that can alert loyal buyers of upcoming specials, resolve minor issues via email, and more. The primary benefit is that CRM has the potential to free up managers' time so they can focus on long-term marketing and planning.

IT Packaged Outsourcing

For businesses of any size that prefer to outsource some or all of their IT work, there are plenty of options. Particularly for small and medium-sized entities that can't afford in-house ITworkers, pre-packaged services from specialty providers are the ideal solution. Owners can choose from lengthy menus of services, like data storage, digital security, and website development. Many companies designate one person as thein-house IT expert, which is a common practice in manufacturing, e-commerce, and financial services organizations. However, that person rarely performs or knows how to perform all the services the business needs. Their role typically focuses on deciding which particular jobs should be outsourced and which ones can remain in-house.

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