Six Gifts to Get Your Girlfriends This Holiday Season

As we round the corner towards the holiday season, it’s already time to start thinking about Christmas gifts—that is, what you’re going to get for each of the special people in your life. Some people have the knack for gift-giving. You know the type: they always seem to present thoughtful, heartfelt, spot-on personalized presents. Maybe you are one of these people, but chances are that you want to give amazing gifts but get stumped by the endless options. Other factors that make gift-giving hard are picky friends, those who already have it all, and friends whose preferences you’re still learning.

If you struggle to shop for gifts for your girlfriends, you’ve come to the right place. Friendship between women is powerful and cherished, so naturally you want to show your besties how much they mean to you by getting them gifts that show you care. We’ve compiled a list of six options any of your girlfriends would love to receive. Each gift comes from the heart, so let’s dive in!

1. Chic Sunglasses

No one knows your personal style better than your best girlfriends, who you shop with, get ready with, send pictures of your online shopping haul to, and who always like your Instagram posts (#OOTD). The same is true when it comes to your friends, and since you’re so in-tune with their style, giving the gift of chic sunglasses is a great option. As you’re looking, different shades will pop out to you as oh-so (insert name here). When your friends receive their gifts, they’ll be touched that you shopped for them so intentionally and impressed that you nailed their look. Even though it’s winter, sunglasses are a fab gift because they protect your eyes year round.

2. Birth Month Jewelry

Since you’re an expert at shopping for your friends, jewelry also makes a fantastic gift. If you want to really customize your present to each of your besties, choose jewelry that incorporates their birth month themes. Whether you play into their birthstones, birth month flowers, or birth month trees, your friends will love their unique present.

3. Perfume

All girlies love to smell nice. Although people’s preferences vary, everyone wants to exude freshness, cleanness, and their own signature scent. Perfume is a perfect gift to give your girlfriends because it’s something they’ll use daily—and they’ll think of your friendship when they do. With 29 fragrances, Paris Hilton Perfume is the place to do your shopping. Imagine receiving a classy bottle of your next favorite scent for Christmas. You’d want to wear it immediately, and so will your friends.

4. Throw Blanket

If you and your girlfriends haven’t already bonded over your mutual experience of always feeling cold, then you definitely have that one friend in the group who is always freezing. Whether this is a relevant gift for all your friends or just one, a furry throw blanket is a present any woman would love to receive. Is there anything more incredible than curling up on the sofa with a drink, a good book or TV show, and a warm blanket? Plus, at your next girl’s night in, your throw blanket will be coveted and passed around, which is why one can never have too many!

5. Your Favorite Book

If you’re a reader, you likely have a mental or digital book list of your favorite reads. Whether you are into fantasy, thrillers, self-help and improvement books, light beach reads, memoirs, or nonfiction literature, your girlfriends probably share some of your same tastes. Gifting your favorite book, or one that you know your friend will enjoy, is a thoughtful present idea. Once your friends have finished their books, you can meet to discuss them, which is a great opportunity for you to have a good chat over coffee or wine!

6. A Girl’s Day

The best kind of gifts to give to your closest girlfriends are the kind you can enjoy together! When you give your besties the gift of a girl’s day, they not only receive the many fun aspects of the gift, you also all make lasting memories together. Whether you decide on wine tasting, a spa day, mani-pedis, or some other activity you and your squad of girlies love to do together, make a day out of it so you enjoy the full experience. Plus, you get to give this gift to yourself, too, since you’re your main bestie.

Shopping for your girlfriends doesn’t have to be tricky with a little bit of thinking ahead. You want to show your besties how much they mean to you, so use this gift guide to steer your holiday shopping!

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