Maximizing the Value of a College Degree

Current college students and recent grads can learn new ways to maximize their degrees' long-term value and usefulness. Unfortunately, too many working adults accept the first job offer after graduation and feel like they need a change for the better. It's understandable for young people to work for a few years in a position just to pay bills and get by. However, later on, they want to align their working life with what they learned in school.

What's the answer? The reality is that there are several ways to leverage the power of what you learned and the diploma on your wall. In addition to refinancing student loans to get lower monthly payments, consider developing a more powerful resume, working with a professional search firm, hooking up with alumni networks, and even tackling a master's degree. It takes some time to find the best way to proceed, so consider the following tactics and see which ones fit your situation.

Refinance School Loans

If you've been out of school for a while and want some relief from the high cost of education loans, check out sites like a Marketplace by Navient for the most efficient ways of refinancing college loans after earning a diploma. Why visit such websites? Because you can see all your options in one place, the marketplace, where the very best refinancing lenders display their information. Users can scan personalized terms and rates in a single location and save significantly.

Compile a Solid Resume

Only write your own resume, use an old one, or repurpose a friend's document. The wise way to develop this crucial document is to hire a certified writer. Three organizations in the US certify resume writers, so be sure to work with someone with at least one credential. Hiring a pro doesn't cost a fortune, so be bold about giving your writer all the detailed information about your background. The result is a targeted resume designed to land you interviews with employers on your radar.

Use a Professional Job Search Service

If you're looking for your first position or are ready to switch jobs, don't hesitate to sign up with a no-fee search service. These companies make money from employers, not job seekers. Aim to find jobs within the scope of your major field of study, and be sure to let your agent know your strengths and preferences. Some services include interview coaching and practice interviews, two excellent tools for anyone looking for work.

Consider Graduate Programs

Sometimes the best way to leverage the power of your four-year diploma is to attend a master's program in law, business, or another area of specialty. Do a bit of soul-searching and decide whether a master's program is the best route for you. A grad school diploma is the single most relevant entry ticket in dozens of fields. While engineering and law are the top-paying degrees, master's programs in business are highly popular among students and employers.

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