Got Fried, Dry Hair? 5 Ways to Reverse the Damage With Hair Masks

When cold weather starts to hit, hair can become dry and brittle. So how can you fix it? With a hair mask.

Hair masks contain natural ingredients filled with proteins, vitamins, and other properties that dry hair craves. These ingredients vary but can reverse the damage by adding more moisture, reducing frizz, strengthening your hair, preventing further breakage, and nourishing your scalp. 

You deserve to have soft, luscious hair all year round, and a hair mask may be the one thing that can help. The rest of this article will cover our top five ways to reverse hair damage with hair masks so that you can look and feel your best again. 

5 Ways to Reverse Hair Damage with Hair Masks

Nobody wants damaged hair. Combating the damage with a deep hair mask can help soothe your scalp and create naturally luscious and beautiful hair in days. 

You should consider the ingredients to reverse the damage with a hair mask. Hair masks that combat and ease damaged dry hair will have moisturizing ingredients, like coconut oil. However, there are many different ways that you can approach the hair disaster, whether attacking it head-on with more moisture or heading to the root of the problem to nourish your scalp.

Here are our top five ways to reverse hair damage with hair masks:

  • Add more moisture

  • Reduce frizz

  • Strengthen your hair

  • Prevent breakage

  • Nourish your scalp. 

1. Use a hair mask to add more moisture.

The best way to reverse dry and fried hair is by adding moisture. 

If you're looking for an intense moisturizing product for your hair, consider creating your mask with olive oil or looking for a product that contains squalene. Our bodies naturally produce squalene but decrease production as we age. Therefore, squalene is pivotal for well-moisturized hair and skin. 

2. Use a hair mask to reduce frizz.

You can reduce excess frizz by using a hair mask. If you are making a DIY mask or trying to find the perfect healthy hair mask to purchase, you should consider finding one with bananas as an ingredient. 

Bananas have antimicrobial properties that combat dryness and dandruff while leaving you with healthier and shinier hair.  

3. Use a hair mask to strengthen your hair.

One good way to reverse hair damage is by taking future preventive measures. For example, strengthening your hair with the right ingredients in a hair mask can do wonders. 

Honey is a miracle ingredient when it comes to deep hair masks. It not only moisturizes but helps your scalp to retain that moisture. Besides moisture, honey can also help stimulate the growth of skin cells, which will produce stronger hair follicles. 

Another ingredient to look for is egg whites. Egg whites contain a lot of protein to help protect and strengthen your hair. 

4.. Use a hair mask to reduce breakage.

If your hair is regularly damaged, you will need a product to make your hair more resistant. Avocado oil features minerals, like iron and folic acid, that work to seal your hair cuticles.  

5. Use a hair mask to make your scalp healthier.

All hair starts at the scalp, so the secret to healthier and happier hair is to treat the scalp first. 

Consider searching for ingredients like aloe vera if your scalp is dry and itchy. Aloe vera's natural anti-inflammatory properties are perfect for nourishing and soothing your scalp. It also contains several other ingredients, such as vitamins and folic acid, that can help strengthen your hair. 


There are many benefits to hair masks and different types on the market. However, with so many ways to reverse the damage, you'll want to find the one that works the best for you!

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