Basketball & American Football: How good are teams from New Zealand compared to the USA?

Basketball and American football are two of the most popular sports in the USA. Thousands of people regularly watch these two fantastic sports either live or on TV. After all, it is in the American NBA and NFL where the world's best athletes compete. For many fans it is the passion for the club and the great events during the matches what makes American Football so special.

But there is also a group that follows it for the gambling purposes. Especially at the big events, the odds of the betting companies are very interesting. This is not only true for Americans, but also people in New Zealand love gambling. Whether it's betting on the club searching for some luck in online casinos in New Zealand, everyone has their own preferences here. But what about the teams from other countries, especially New Zealand?

Do the guys from overseas really have what it takes to outperform the highly talented Americans? In this article, we'll look at how good basketball and American football teams from New Zealand are compared to the US.

Why do American team sports enjoy such popularity?

American team sports enjoy a particularly high level of popularity in the USA and also in the rest of the world. There are many reasons for this, ranging from the different rules and procedures to the emotional moments that make these sports so unique. The emotional connection that fans can develop with their teams is particularly strong in American sports.

Above all, the way these games are played is the focus here: with full commitment and passion - until the bitter end. The players always go to their limit and give everything they have in them to achieve victory for their team. Of course, this momentum also contributes to the fact that the fans identify even more strongly with their team and want to see it win at all costs.

In addition, American team sports are very visual. This means that they have been designed for television broadcasting from the very beginning. As a result, they have a very special connection to the fans and can bind them even better. Due to the emotional connection of the fans to their teams as well as the visual appeal of the games, it is no wonder that American team sports are so popular - not only in the USA, but worldwide!

NBA vs. NFL: How good are the teams from the USA compared to the teams from New Zealand?

In the USA, the two most popular team sports are basketball and American football. But how good are the teams from the USA compared to the teams from New Zealand? Basketball polarises millions of people in the USA every year and the NBA is considered by far the strongest league in the sport of basketball!

In New Zealand, the NBL is the country's highest division. Every year, ten teams compete against each other for the title. This alone is an enormous advantage over the American NBA, which has 30 teams in the league and is thus much more attractive for players. In general, we can say that the New Zealand NBL teams can't hold a candle to the Americans! So this point clearly goes to the NBA.

Which teams play in the NBL?

  • Taranaki Mountainairs
  • Nelson Giganten
  • Auckland Tuartra
  • Wellington Saints
  • Hawke's Bay Hawks
  • Otago Nuggets
  • Canterbury Rams
  • Franklin Bulls
  • Southland Haie
  • Manawatu Jets

We turn next to American football. In America, this team sport is considered a national sport and attracts millions of people worldwide every year. The Superbowl in particular is a huge event in which the two best American teams compete against each other. The spectators are enchanted by a huge show of dance and music before the players compete for the prestigious title.

In general, 32 teams compete in the National Football League, and most of these teams are home to the best football players on the planet.

Football is also played in New Zealand, and this team sport enjoys the highest reputation alongside the well known rugby. The sport is regulated by the NZAFF, which has prepared four different competitions for the teams:

  • AFA Competitions
  • NZAFF Flag Football Club National Championship
  • Central Flag Football Quad Series
  • Tauranga Tournament

American football has some similarities to the popular sport of rugby, so that it already receives a lot of popularity and is clearly ahead of basketball. In the respective leagues and tournaments, a total of 16 teams from the country compete with each other, but here, too, the NFL is clearly in the lead with 32 teams! Basically, this point can also be passed on to America, because in the league there, the best players in the world compete with each other.

Which teams belong to the NZAFF?

  • NH Pride
  • Western Wolves
  • Tamaki Lightning
  • Metro Lions
  • South Auckland Rider
  • Papatoetoe Wildcats
  • JC Spartans
  • Papakura AFC
  • Takaanini Giants
  • Hamilton Hawks
  • Tauranga City Tridents
  • Hawkes Bay Heat
  • Hutt Valley Spartans
  • Home Ground
  • Porirua Warriors
  • Nelson Honey Badgers

General differences between the two sports

They differ from each other in some fundamental aspects. Basketball, for example, is a continuous sport where players try to throw the ball into the opponent's basket. Whereas American football is a stop-start sport where players carry the ball across the field and try to get into the opponent's end zone.

Another difference is that basketball players have to run a lot morethan American football players. Because of the continuous nature of the game, they always have to keep moving and get from one place to another quickly. American football players, on the other hand, have breaks between plays where they can rest. Overall, basketball and American football are two very different sports. While basketball is a continuous and running-intensive sport, American football is a stop-start sport with lots of breaks in between.

In general, New Zealand basketball teams are not as good as those in the United States. American football teams, on the other hand, are not quite as far behind their American counterparts as they are in basketball. The main difference between the two sports is the level of competition. Basketball is more popular in the United States, so the level of competition is higher. This aspect also applies to American football, but footballers in New Zealand also play at a decent level.


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