10 Tips for Hosting a Large Holiday Party

If you’re like me, you love to have as many of your family and friends under one roof as enjoying the holidays. It can be intimidating to throw a large holiday party, usually, after I figure out where there’s a liquor store near me, I need help organizing the rest of the event because I  want people to remember that positive feeling only the holiday spirit can bring. When throwing a party you want to make sure your bases are covered like people, food, space, and the fun you want everyone to experience. So, over the years I’ve come up with 10 tips for hosting a large holiday party that will be your best gift this season.

1. Pick a Theme

The best part of a holiday party is the theme itself. When trying to capture the holiday spirit, think of focusing on one aspect of the season that will help streamline things like decor and music. If you’re familiar with ugly sweater parties, they are a good example of a specific theme that brings people to have fun and be creative, parties are fun and your guests can bring that element.

2. Use Socia Media for Invites

Almost everyone is on social media so instead of wasting money and time on personalizing dozens of invites and mailing them out, use social media to spread the word. The good thing about social media platforms is that they are free to use and can help you make an event page that’s easy to follow. Enter all of your event details and send invites to everyone you want to come, gone are the days of waiting for an RSVP in the mail to come back; upload your flier and prepare for fun.

3. Clear Out Your Space

Regardless of the size of your home, you’ll want to clear out plenty of space to allow people to move around, dance, and not break your stuff. If you have valuables or fragile items you’d prefer not to get ruined by your guests then find storage to keep them clear of trouble. You’ll also want to use this time to clean, but don’t go overboard, remember people will be tracking whatever is outside into your house and having a good time which means you’ll have plenty to clean up the day after.

4. Keep It Simple

While planning and organizing, keep things simple. Your decor should be minimal, no need to sit down and create a bunch of decorative items that your guests will forget about minutes into the party. You also want to try to keep lighting and music simple, string some twinkle lights to match your theme and get some playlists that match the mood you’re trying to set; if you can get a DJ that’s even better. 

5. Use Help

We all need help, normally I find a liquor store near me and send a friend or two to pick up all of the remaining beverages I didn’t get delivered to help me with time. The day of the party get as many people who are willing to help put your place in order so you’re not stressed out trying to organize things last minute. You should also plan to have a few hands that can stay behind for cleanup.

6. Use Disposable Plates ad Cups

There’s nothing worse than having to wash dishes after a large party, instead use paper plates and cups to avoid adding more chores to your post-party list. I personally don’t like to use too many plastic items so I go for plates, cups, and dinnerware that are made of recyclable materials; it’s my way of reducing waste when having a large gathering. Another plus to using disposable items is that they come in holiday themes, no need to break the bank on a set of Christmas-themed plates you’ll only use once a year.

7. Get Food Delivered

If you’re having a really big party please consider getting food catered. Catering sounds expensive but it doesn’t have to be, there’s plenty of competition between high-end caterers and your local favorite food chain that can provide reasonable quotes to make sure your guests are fed. If you like you can also have people bring dishes to share, they can deliver food to your own potluck, just make sure to place the food where you want people to eat.

8. Get Alcohol Delivered

I have that really good liquor store near me that has everything that I need but sometimes getting drinks delivered is much easier. I used the Saucey website and found a liquor store near me that not only stocked peppermint schnapps but all of the other ingredients needed to make my famous peppermint martinis. Save the hassle of going to the liquor store near you and have them bring it to you while you get your party on.

9. Have Activities

You’re hosting a party which means you’re going to direct the flow of your holiday bash. If you have a few activities that bring your crowd together it’ll add an extra layer to the food, music, and drinks they’re already enjoying. Try having a mix of big group games and something like corn hole outdoors if the temperature is right so people can enjoy on their own.

10. Have Fun 

The most important part of the holidays is the people in your life, so you want to make it a point to interact with your guests and catch up. Having fun is what parties are about, so mingle, play, dance, and make the night memorable.

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