Discover What Style of Reading Glasses is Right for You

Have you noticed that your vision has become a little blurry recently or that you have to hold books at arm’s length away to see the letters? If so, it might be time for you to get a pair of reading glasses. Reading glasses are a simple way to bring clarity and focus to your eyesight without worrying about prescription lenses. Reading glasses are typically purchased over the counter and can be found at various stores. However, if you’ve looked into reading glasses, you may have realized that so many different styles are available. There are full frames, bifocals, and numerous unique shapes and styles. Also, what in the world do those numbers mean, like +1.00? Today, we’ll help you figure out what style of reading glasses is right for you. Although the majority of this article will be dedicated to the frames and style of reading glasses, we’ll also talk about whether full frames or bifocals are right for you and also how to understand the numbers associated with the reading glasses. To learn everything there is to know about reading glasses, keep on reading.

Full Frame or Bifocal Reading Glasses

Let’s first talk about the two primary types of reading glasses: full frames and bifocals. As you might have guessed, full-frame reading glasses have a magnification effect throughout the lens. Whether you’re looking through the top half of the lenses or the bottom half, the magnification effect will be the same throughout. On the other hand, bifocal reading glasses are quite different. The glass's upper half does not have any magnification, but a portion in the bottom half of the lens, usually under a reading line, is magnified to the strength of your choosing. Do you need reading glasses for the overall magnification of your vision, or do you just need visual assistance when it comes to reading? If the first of the two applies to you, full frames might be the right choice, while if the second. applies to you, you should consider going for bifocals.

Reading Glasses Strength

You’ve probably seen stickers attached to reading glasses that say numbers like +2.25 or +1.50. These numbers indicate the strength of the diopter of the reading glasses. We’re not going to go too deep into what diopter means because it’s a complicated formula that scientists use to craft reading lenses. Still, it’s the strength to which the reading glasses can help your eyes focus. Reading glasses with a +1.00 or +1.50 strength are considered weaker while reading glasses with a strength of +3.50 or +4.00 are considered extremely strong. The best way to determine which is right for you is to go to a store near you and try a couple of different pairs of reading glasses. When you’re wearing a pair of reading glasses with the appropriate strength for your eyesight, you should be able to read letters 14 to 18 inches away from your face.

Style of Reading Glasses

Now, let’s move on to the style and look of reading glasses. There are numerous different frames you can choose from, and we’ll help show you which ones are best for you.

Rectangle Reading Glasses

Rectangle reading glasses are the classic shape you can never go wrong with. This shape works well with any type of face shape and is good for the no-nonsense person.

Round Reading Glasses

Round reading glasses are harder to pull off than rectangle reading glasses. People who have long, oval face shapes typically like going for round reading glasses because they make a face appear less long. This style of reading glasses is very classy and sophisticated.

Cat Eye Reading Glasses

Cat eye reading glasses are perfect for anyone considering their style spunky. They appear to elongate the width of the face, so cat eye reading glasses would work well for you if you have a long or heart-shaped face.

Browline Reading Glasses

Browline reading glasses are a fan favorite. Only the uppermost part of the reading glasses is surrounded by the frame, leading to an open, sophisticated look for the bottom portion. Browline reading glasses work well with any type of face shape, so if you like the slightly grungy yet sophisticated look of browline reading glasses, get yourself a pair. We know they’ll look great on you.


We hope this article was helpful for you as you determine what style of reading glasses is right for you. There are so many different styles, lenses, and diopter options available for you to choose from online, so feel free to pick a pair that is just right for you in every way possible.

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