10 Fashion Forward Items to Put On Your Holiday Wish List

To be fashion forward is to have ambition, vision, and a willingness to take risks where others won’t. It means rethinking the rules with an eye toward the future, whether it’s a pair of sneakers, a basic black bag, or a classic jean jacket.

Fashion-forward doesn’t mean the flashiest or most outrageous garments available. It’s all relative, meaning everyone’s on their own journey. Check out these 10 items to move your fashion in the right direction for the holidays.

1. The Comfiest Sweater Imaginable

We tend to equate fashionable looks with physical discomfort–just look at any runway display. But for the holidays, we need to make comfort a higher priority, and you don’t have to sacrifice style to achieve that with the right sweater.

Find a sweater inspired by high fashion with bold knit cables or funky fringes. Materials make all the difference here, so why not reach for the best, like cashmere or a silk blend?

2. Those (Almost) Knee-High Boots

Not feeling the standard selection of cold-weather footwear? Try taking your boots to the next level–literally–by wearing them higher up on the calf toward the knee.

This was considered a more provocative look at one point, but now it’s widely accepted as a way to style a casual outfit or an afternoon outing or date night.

3. The Denim Jacket of Your Dreams

If you don’t yet have a beloved denim jacket, it’s about time you got one! This is a hard thing to shop for, since fit and feel are so vital.

Test up to a dozen different jackets until you find the one that matches your body type and just feels right.

4. The Statement Top of the Century

Most of us go all year wearing tops that play it safe, whether at the office or in casual settings: conservative colors, basic patterns, and definitely nothing boundary-breaking.

But to be fashion forward, some risks are required. Circle a statement top in a magazine or online that makes a splash, pushing the limits of your style into new territory. Funky colors, strange sleeves, aggressive cuts, and out-of-the-ordinary sizes are fair game here.

5. A Pair of Bold Flare Trousers

The styles of the 70s are finally coming back around in the form of flare pants that offer more room around the calf and ankle. Just a minor flare can add some excitement to your silhouette and draw more attention to some fun footwear.

Denim is standard here, but other materials like khaki or nylon blends can help you fee light and free on your feet.

6. That Timeless Black Bag

A fashionable black bag is so much more than a mobile storage compartment. It’s a statement about who you are, where you’re coming from, and where you want to be.

The question is, what type of black bag matches your personality and ambitions? A classic tote or satchel with little flare says studious and focused. A mini make-up bag or toy trunk tells others you’re a bit high maintenance!

It’s all about curating your image and using a range of black bag options to express yourself in full.

7. Distressed Denim You Desire

Remember, you’re never too old to rock some distressed denim and show a little skin, even around the holidays. Fashion icons of all ages have embraced denim that intentionally looks worse for wear, and designers are happy to oblige with plenty of options.

8. Those Sneakers Making Waves

We know you secretly long for those too-expensive shoes on social media, and so do we. The hard part is actually tracking them down for a decent price if they’re limited edition or not in your size.

If you can’t get the shoes of your dreams, just bookmark them and be on the lookout in future seasons. They may come back around.

9. The Shades That Turn Heads

Summer might be over, but the sun still shines bright in fall and even some days in winter. For those in northern regions, you know that a sharp pair of sunglasses helps navigate the bright white reflection after a night of snow.

It’s time you upgraded from those cheap plastic sunnies to something more durable, luxurious, and forward-thinking in the fashion realm. Shop around and see what matches your face shape, from ovals and circles to hexes and ellipses.

10. An Athleisure Combo That Lasts

Fall means more cushy and comfy athleisure combos, even if you aren’t focused on fitness. It’s time you treat yourself to a tracksuit that makes you feel like a jet setter on casual holiday, or a football star relaxing at home.

Athleisure is meant to be infinitely mixable and matchable, so every piece you add to your wardrobe is another chance to remix older outfits.

Time to Think Fashion Forward

Once you start thinking fashion forward, even the smallest style choices become key details to your overall look. A simple black bag turns into a statement piece that ties your whole appearance together. Use this guide to make this the most stylish holiday yet.

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