Sister Cindy returns to Ball State

“Sister Cindy” Smock returned to Ball State University Tuesday to preach her signature “Ho No Mo” ideology, where she encourages women to reject promiscuity and follow her view of the word of God. Smock was surrounded by at least 150 Ball State students, some filming her with everything from smartphones to Nintendo 3DS cameras.

During her time near the North Quad, Smock discussed female promiscuity, party culture, college relationships and what it means to be a “real man.” As she spoke, the crowd cheered and asked questions which she either deflected or ignored.

Smock, who has over 422,000 followers on TikTok, opened her sermon today with a message to women on campus: “You are here to use your brain,” she said. “Some of you act like you’re trying to get a master’s in oral.”

In her sermon, she read scripture from her Bible, which was emblazoned with “HO NO MO” in bold white letters on the cover. She recited the tale of Jesus’ crucifixion, stating he died to save humanity from sin.

“What did Jesus die for if we don’t sin?” quipped one attending student.

For the entirety of the event, Smock and the crowd went back and forth with her delivering her message and students jeering her and cheering amongst themselves.

However, she also handed out “Ho No Mo” pins to participating students, which only encouraged them to engage with her message more.

“You get blue since you’re a boy,” Smock said while writing a student’s name on a pin. “I know boys who can rock pink, but I’ve only got so many pink ones.”

“Colors have no gender!” another student jeered in response.

Historically, Smock and her sermons have been the subject of controversy on college campuses all over the U.S, and some students say they attended her event for the sole purpose of making Smock angry and “giving her a piece of [their] mind.”

But whether they listen or whether they jeer her, Smock’s message to the students doesn’t change.

“Join the Ho No Mo revolution!” she said.

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