Ball State SGA votes in five members to the Judicial Court Wednesday

The Student Government Association Committee reports during the Sept. 21, 2022 meeting. The senate voted in five new members to the Judicial court. 
Elijah Poe, DN
The Student Government Association Committee reports during the Sept. 21, 2022 meeting. The senate voted in five new members to the Judicial court. Elijah Poe, DN

Sept. 21, the Ball State Student Government Association (SGA) voted in five new members to its Judicial Court. 

Nathan Middlebrook serves in the InterFraternity councils and is also the vice president of the wakeboard and waterski club. While he is a part of fraternities on campus, Middlebrook also focuses on leadership skills and his future in criminal justice. 

Middlebook was voted to the Judicial Court 26-1 with two abstentions. 

Akimi Kerr also presented in front of the senate for her application. She was voted in 28-0-1.

“I’ve always liked helping people and if I can help make this a fair and just place for all people, especially being Asian American,” Kerr said. “That helps me feel like I’m doing something to better the campus.”

Chloe Alspach, is involved in the Womens in Law and Politics club. She is a legal studies major and a criminal justice minor. Alspach was voted in 25-1 with three abstentions. 

“I am also very open minded to different views to different arguments and different personalities,”Alspach said. I also hold fairness very high and expectations of others who will be before us when we are hearing.”

Chandler Bontrager described his hard work and dedication as his best qualities for the position.  Bontrager was voted in 22-7-0. 

The last candidate, Ashlyn Dow, is a legal studies major and has a minor in peace studies and conflict resolution. 

“I am very passionate about the judicial process and I think I could be a good attribution to the court because of this motivation that I have to help represent the student body in a fair and just way,” Dow said. 

Dow was voted in 29-0. 

Chief of Staff, Joseph Gassensmith, continues to pursue higher wages for students, and is looking into why it did not pass last year. 

“On Friday, Tina [Nguyen] and I are meeting with Vice President of Student Affairs Ro-Anne Royer Engle,” Gassensmith said. “She discussed the increasing of minimum wage that unfortunately failed at the Board of Trustee level. We are going to be discussing why that failed and what next steps we possibly can take.”

There were two pieces read from: the recognition of the Resident Hall Association, as well Ball State Football. 

The Resident Hall Association, who hosted Rock the Halls, saw a massive increase in turnout to 703 students. SGA recognized their efforts for throwing said event. 

Ball State Football won their first game of the 2022 season Sept. 17 and was congratulated by SGA for not only their victor , but their first shutout victory in 14 years as well. 

The At-Large caucus plans to host its first survey event Sept. 23 , from 11:00 a.m.-1:30 p.m. at the scramble light. 

The Organizational caucus continues to work on the community garden, with talks of an environmentally friendly mural and a firepit that would be in use during SGA events. 

For SGA announcements, a climate rally is set for  Sept. 23 at 6 p.m. at the University Green, and Ball State will host an open vaccine clinic from Sept. 20-30.

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