7 Tips for Quickly Learning Spanish

sentence Spanish is spoken written in spanish on a chalkboard
sentence Spanish is spoken written in spanish on a chalkboard

If you have ever wanted to learn a new language, why not start now? There are so many great resources available to you that will help you master any language you have ever wanted to learn.

Of all the different languages that there are to learn, having the chance to learn Spanish is one that you should definitely take advantage of—and make the most of too! In fact, with so many incredible resources out there that are available to you, there is really no reason why you shouldn’t try.

Not only will learning Spanish help you figure out the pendejo meaning and when it is appropriate to use in various interactions, but it will enrich your life—opening up a whole new world of people, cultures, and possibilities.

It does not matter how much prior knowledge you have, there are simply so many great ways to learn Spanish quickly. To help you, we have gathered up all the best tips for you to implement so that you can become more proficient than ever before.

Here are all the tried and tested ways to get good at Spanish fast.

1. Listen to Spanish Music

Our brain has a really easy time remembering song lyrics. This is why listening to Spanish music is such a great way to pick up certain words and phrases. Often, songs use really simple terms that are used in everyday dialect. So knowing these various words and phrases will be really practical for you. Plus, you can
listen to the songs over and over again so you can become even more familiar with the lyrics, study Spanish and be entertained all at the same time.

2. Watch Spanish Television Shows

Also known as telenovelas, you can easily pick up Spanish fast by watching entertaining Spanish television shows that are both dramatic and funny. In fact, consider them to be like soap opera shows with more drama and plot twists than you could have ever imagined. The best part is, that there are so many telenovels to choose from that you will never run out of entertainment to watch that is equally benefiting your language skills.

3. Read Spanish Materials Slowly

Another really great trick to learning Spanish quickly is to take the time to read in Spanish. But do not just skim it over. Instead, take the time to read each sentence and try to understand the context. For example, you can get various magazines or cookbooks in Spanish that will help you not only need to comprehend information but put it into practical use too.

4. Listen to Spanish Podcasts

If you have a commute to work, then why not make the most of your walk or drive by listening to Spanish podcasts? Think about it—at a minimum, you will be listening to Spanish for nearly one hour a day. Do that five days a week and soon you will have logged more than enough hours to start becoming really proficient at it.

5. Translate What You Do Not Know

Another great way to enhance your Spanish skills is by taking the time to translate what you do not know, If you hear or see something that you can not translate on your own, then use a resource to get it translated. Taking the time to do this will really help you remember what you once did not know and also be able to then
use in future discourse.

6. Move to a Spanish Speaking Country

If you really want to pick up Spanish fast, then why not move to a Spanish-speaking country? It will not only immerse you into having to absorb Spanish at all times but makes the process of learning it fun and invigorating. You could move to so many different countries to do this—like Mexico, Spain or even Peru. Chances are that if you move to a Spanish-speaking country, you will pick up the language faster than you could have ever imagined because you are literally forced into the situation.

7. Enroll in a Spanish Class

Another really great way to progress your Spanish speaking skills is to enroll in a Spanish class. Not only will you be able to practice with other people who are at the same level, but you will have the incentive and motivation to pick it up faster. The best part is that you will also have a teacher who is there to help you and answer any questions. Having the pressure of needing to progress your skills is sometimes the best way to pick it up fast.


These seven tips and tricks are just the beginning when it comes to learning Spanish fast. From moving to a Spanish-speaking country to enrolling in a class, you have plenty of ways to become a Spanish speaker yourself.



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