How to Make Your Degree Work for You

group of happy graduates throwing graduation hats in the air celebrating
group of happy graduates throwing graduation hats in the air celebrating

When it comes to picking a major, it's not always black or white. Although it might seem like an easy decision, a lot goes into choosing the right program. Aside from working in a role that you enjoy; you need to choose a degree that is in high demand. As such, you need to think about which role will be most beneficial now and in the future as well. Business degrees, for example, are degrees that offer a variety offer a variety. In this article, we'll review why a business degree is a valuable resource, and which jobs you can apply for once you graduate.


As an entrepreneur, you have the power to create any type of company you want. However, even with all the perks of being your own boss, you still need to consider all of the possible cons. Starting your own company takes money but as college graduate, you might not have enough collateral to get things off the ground. That’s where Accion Opportunity Fund small business loans comes into play. A small business loan, despite its name, actually comes in many sizes with each tailored for different purposes. When it comes to being an entrepreneur, there are various reasons why you would need this loan. These reasons can include:

·      It's time to expand

·      Trying to build up your credit

·      Hoping to purchase more inventory to increase your amount of assets

·      Don't have enough money to finance new equipment or bring on new hires

In addition to the funds you receive, you might also receive a few extra benefits as well. However, it's important to remember that not every lender may provide you with them. The benefits you can expect to see are coaching from other professionals, additional educational resources and being linked to a support network in both English and Spanish. Make sure to research and ask the lender if you're eligible for any of these benefits.

Human Resource Manager

A human resource manager is someone who's in charge of planning things and directing how a business is operated. To be more precise, these managers are tasked with interviewing and hiring new recruits, talk with executives about future plans and managing the relationships between employers and managers. The degree you need to acquire this career does vary. You need to have a degree in human resources, business management, or finance to be eligible. However, it's important to be aware that acquiring a bachelor's in one of these fields might not be enough. In most cases, you'll have to get a master's degree with experience in the field.

Business Analyst

A business analyst is responsible for compiling and analyzing data to help aid in making better decisions. It's these decisions that'll help the business ultimately succeed. How this works is that analysts take data from the past and compare it to the current one. This is done to see how the business is currently doing. Business analysts are also responsible for assisting in budgeting out funds to try to stop stressing over money in a way that doesn’t serve the company and coming up with ideas and presenting them during important meetings. Becoming a business analyst require a bachelor's degree in analytics, science and statistics for an entry level position. However, if you plan to have a senior level position, you're going to likely need a master's degree. Becoming a business analyst can be difficult as its very competitive. It’s always best to research the company you want to work at prior to applying.

Marketing Manager

A marketing manager can be considered to be the thread that holds a business and its clientele together. The most you'll really need is at least a BA in marketing or business administration. As a marketing manager, you can expect to do tasks such as keeping tabs on the SEO trends and making improvements, coming up with the budget for upcoming campaigns and even various promotional messages. You really need to be creative and have an open mind. This is how you'll be able to hook your target audience even when creating different types of content. You should also be well versed in digital advertising as well.

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