The Benefits of Charter Schools

Beautiful happy young girl in class at school looking up from her desk and notes to smile at the camera
Beautiful happy young girl in class at school looking up from her desk and notes to smile at the camera

There have never been as many options for your child’s education as there are today. There are public schools, private schools, homeschooling, and charter schools, which will be our main focus in today’s article.

Charter schools are completely unique in their approach to education, and they are significantly more beneficial to children than public or private schools. From smaller class sizes to customized curriculums, we’re here today to describe some of the benefits of giving your children a charter school education. There are top-tier charter schools in Orange County as well as in other regions of California, so if you’re a California resident, keep reading to learn more about what it means to send your child to a charter school.

Small Classrooms

One of the biggest attractions of charter schools is the smaller classroom size. Most charter schools have class sizes that are substantially smaller than those of public or private schools. This smaller class size is beneficial to students for a few reasons. First, it gives them the opportunity to ask questions in class when needed. It can be difficult to ask questions in public classrooms because of the sheer number of students. Secondly, each student can receive more attention from the teacher, since the teacher has fewer students to cater to in a charter classroom setting. Thirdly, smaller class sizes can contribute to fewer distractions during class, helping the students pay better attention and retain more information.

Personalized Curriculums for Your Child

Charter schools offer personalized curriculum paths that are unique for your child. Some children may be more interested in science, so they might be interested in taking a science-intensive curriculum. Other children might prefer the arts, so they would take an arts-intensive curriculum. These specified curriculums can help put your child at the top of the field of their interests. As university applications start to get closer, these personalized curriculums will be an impressive addition to your child’s transcript. Having your child choose what path they want to take will also help grow them in self-efficacy and self-confidence, as they will be mainly learning about the topics of their choosing and not be forced to pursue interests they do not like.

No Red Tape

If a problem arises in the public school system, it might take a whole school year for it to be resolved. Since public schools are publicly owned, any changes to the education system must go through the approval of the school board, so fixing a simple problem can be a huge task. However, charter schools can fix problems within the school immediately. Because charter schools are privately funded, they can quickly make their own decisions when it comes to fixing problems. While a lot of time might be wasted going through technicalities in public schools, no time is wasted when it comes to resolving educational problems in charter schools.

Higher Standard of Education

Typically, charter schools have more rigorous curriculums, meaning that your child will be held to a higher standard of education. Such rigorous teaching will help your child to excel and make the most of every moment of their primary and secondary education. This higher standard of education goes hand-in-hand with the smaller classroom size to provide the best possible education for your child. Instead of being required to do redundant school work that doesn’t challenge them, students in charter schools can really focus on studies that challenge them in a distraction-free classroom setting. Though it will cause your child to have to work harder temporarily, a charter school standard for education will benefit them immensely in the long run.

Promotes Inclusivity and Community

Charter schools are known for their emphasis on inclusivity and community. We recognize that children have an innate need to be included in groups and be accepted by their community, which is why most charter schools have numerous groups and clubs your child can join. Whether it be sports or chess or anything in-between, your child without a doubt will find a club that fits their desires. Being part of these groups will contribute to better mental health and, consequentially, better academic performance. Unlike public schools, charter schools understand the importance of your child’s social development.

Top Universities Prefer Charter Schools

Your child might have a dream to go to an Ivy League university. Maybe they want to go to Duke to study medicine or Harvard to study law. It’s amazing that your child is dreaming big, but in order to have a better chance of getting into these extremely selective schools, they’ll need to be in a charter school. It is a simple fact that the country’s top universities prefer students who attended charter schools because of all the reasons listed above. They would have gone through a more difficult curriculum, have more self-discipline, be more socially adept, and have fewer distractions during class time, among other things. To set your child up for success when it comes time to enroll them in college, give your child the lifelong gift of a charter school education. It will benefit them for the rest of their life.

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