Wedding Details That are Easy to Forget

Bride puts on a wedding ring on groom's finger
Bride puts on a wedding ring on groom's finger

Every bride dreams of planning the perfect wedding, but most people underestimate the amount of work into planning the perfect wedding. Everything from the arrangements, the guests' experience, the ambiance, and many admin duties, planning and organizing a wedding can get insanely hectic. Due to the pressure and multitasking involved, it is easy to forget some essential things.

The Wedding Rings

You're probably thinking, 'duh' the rings are the most important part of the story. This is why it's crucial to create a wedding details box to store your precious wedding bands. It's a tradition that the best man holds onto the rings until it's time to hand them over at the ceremony. This is a great tradition, but weddings can get hectic. You want to have all three rings (the two wedding bands and engagement ring) readily available for the photographer to take pictures of before the ceremony. This is also an excellent time to remind you to clean your engagement ring! You might have been engaged for a year or more, and your beautiful engagement ring may have accumulated some dirt and grime that dull its original sparkle. Make sure you show off your dazzling ring in all of its greatness by giving it a quick clean before the wedding.

All Pieces of Jewelry

Along with your wedding rings, be sure not to forget other essential elements such as earrings, necklaces, hairpieces! This includes family heirlooms and borrowed. Heirlooms are anything special that has been passed down, such as a grandmother's handkerchief, beaded bridal purse, or unique jewelry that has been saved for this special day. These items are meaningful and should be highlighted.

Giving Details to the Photographer

Your wedding photographer is in charge of taking photos of everything having to do with your big day, from the tiniest detail to the largest. However, they can't take pictures of the little special touches if you don't give them the heads-up or resources. Things like your invitation suite, all three rings, your shoes and jewelry, and any other unique touches should all be provided to your photographers to shoot. This can be easy to forget on the big day. To fix this issue, make a list explaining all of these little touches to be photographed.

Practice Your Wedding Vows Ahead of Time

Practice your vows beforehand; it will help you feel less flustered and more confident. Read them aloud at least once before your ceremony. This will allow you to work out areas of your vows that aren't smooth and rephrase anything necessary. You'll feel more confident reciting them on the big day, having practiced them at least once before.

Don't Forget the Kids

Some people choose not to invite kids to the wedding, which is fine, but if you do, you need to think about how you will keep them occupied and entertained. Children get bored quickly, and you want your guests to be able to relax and enjoy themselves. The best thing to do is to set up a specific play area for the kids with some games and other things to keep them occupied. Otherwise, they're likely to cause trouble. Rather than letting the kids holler around, hire a sitter or an attendant to keep them entertained. The parents of these little guests will be sure to thank you.

Plan Time Together

Your wedding day involves a lot of people coming and going, asking questions, wanting photographs, eager hugs, and many, many other things. And while each of these other things is important for the day to run smoothly and invite warm memories for your guests, it's essential to carve out some time for just you and your future spouse. So take a moment to look each other in the eyes or admire each other's newly ringed fingers.

A dream wedding day is full of a million little details, and the best advice is to plan for as many of them as possible! It is important to remember that things will get forgotten and not go as planned, but your big day will still be perfect regardless. So experience the day for what it is, and get ready to enjoy your new chapter of wedded bliss!

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