The Tastiest Foods to Make at Home

As we move into the summer months, there is a new influx of opportunities to eat in places other than restaurants and inside our dining rooms.

We can throw those backyard barbeques, have picnic lunches in public parks, or pack some tasty treats to take with you when you spend the day at the beach. 

Making some food for these warmer outdoor events doesn't have to be a whole bunch of guilty pleasures.

We can tap into fruits and vegetables, herbs and spices, and create trendy edible options that are attractive to our taste buds.

Here are some of the tastiest foods to make at home that can still check the boxes of being healthy and delicious.

Have a Cucumber Summer

Cucumbers are that crunchy yet refreshing vegetable that we associate with summertime. The added benefit of them being relatively affordable, not hard to come by, and good for our bodies.

Cucumbers are high in protein, fiber, potassium, vitamin C, vitamin K, and magnesium. In addition, they contain antioxidants, promote hydration, and some even assist with weight loss and lower blood sugar levels.

You don't just have to stick to getting some chopped-up cucumbers in your salads.

Have a cucumber sandwich, complete with mayonnaise, fresh dill, cream cheese, pepper, chives, and sliced bread.

Good for Your Gut

There continues to be more and more research pointing to the conclusion that there are negative links between gut bacteria and neurodegenerative diseases such as Parkinson’s, making the need for maintaining a healthy gut crucial when you are trying to ward off acute diseases and managing your weight.

Now that there is more awareness around gut health, the next need-to-know piece of advice is where are the gut-friendly foods for pickling, fermenting, prebiotics, and probiotics.

Consider eating some of the gut-improving foods as soon as you possibly can:

●      Kimchi

●      Salads with raw onions, garlic, or jicama

●      Garnishes with dandelion greens

●      Sides of sauerkraut

Plant-Based Dishes

Isn't it odd to think back to when people thought that plant-based dishes would be some kind of trend that would come and go?

Now that it has made its mark deep enough to be a main-stay, plant-based replacements for meat are giving many health-conscious individuals the blueprint for going vegan without feeling like they are missing out on beef and chicken. 

Millennials, in particular, are driving the idea of how much the environment and our bodies are negatively impacted by consuming meat.

Being that restaurants are updating their menus, maybe you should go to by trying these items to get the plant-based ball rolling:

●      Meat-free burgers

●      Vegan ice creams

●      Cauliflower buffalo wings

Being that plant-based protein has been a dominant trend in restaurants, you should undoubtedly make a move to try them out in your kitchen when it comes to having the tastiest foods to make at home.

While ultra-convincing plant-based burgers and ground “beef” has the spotlight, you can also easily find plant based sausages, tenders, and even deli slices hitting the shelves in grocery stores.


When we hear the word "chickpeas," it is easy to assume that they are just for eating hummus.

But don't be limited in your culinary scope; the garbanzo bean has continued to experience a resurgence when it comes to creating a hybrid of healthy and tasty cooking creations.

Chickpeas play a pivotal role as an ingredient in plant-based and Mediterranean cuisine. To make matters even better for the cooks out there, chickpeas are simple to prepare, very available, affordable, and delicious.

Please your palate with the addition of chickpeas in your tacos to give them a nutty bite of satisfaction.

Couscous Salad

Speaking of chickpeas, As a salad, it’s often served with feta cheese, diced cucumber, and sometimes with chickpeas, and you can have yourself some cous cous salad.

What couscous is, is small ball-shaped or rice-shaped pasta commonly found in Greek recipes.

Create a colorful and flavorful salad with various textures by making fresh vegetables the focal point by bringing in some tomatoes, cucumbers, and bell peppers.

For a tad bit of salty pep in your couscous salad, you can elevate the taste by adding some feta cheese to make it even more mouth-watering than it already is.

Jerk Beyond Chicken

Jerk is a cooking style native to the West Indian island of Jamaica, in which meat of many kinds gets wet marinated or dry-rubbed with a spicy mix called jerk spice. 

But imagine if you were able to go beyond meat when it comes to jerk and try this flavor in a plant-based fashion?

Give your vegetarian diet some snappy sensation by trying alternatives like coconut, mushroom, eggplant, and soy-based jerk.

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