How Remote Learning Affects Students

Since the global pandemic of 2019, the way we learn has changed a lot. Remote learning has become more common and, in some places, could be here to stay. Advantages of remote learning include providing more free time, personalization, and giving access to a wider range of studying opportunities for students. Despite the advantages, however, some feel that remote learning can have a negative impact on students.

Remote learning can potentially lead to lower test results, with several studies showing that average test scores were down in remote classes for maths and reading compared to traditional classes. In addition, students who suffer from learning difficulties are particularly at risk of failing classes when learning remotely. For university students, there have been mixed results, although student satisfaction scores have dropped in many places when remote learning was applied.

While there is still more research to be done on the subject, preliminary results seem to suggest that remote learning by itself isn’t the best solution for schools and universities. However, flexible learning classes could provide the best of both worlds, giving students more freedom while also ensuring that test results are still up and proper support is provided.

Remote Working Opportunities for Students

One of the main advantages of remote learning is that it affords students more time and more freedom. Instead of needing to travel to classes each day, attending a class is as simple as loading up the application on a device. This saves a lot of time and provides opportunities for remote working too. Many college students now choose to apply for remote jobs, making the most of the situation to earn and learn at the same time.

Digital freelancing platforms such as Upwork and Fiverr offer a way for students to earn extra money from home without interfering with their studies. These platforms offer millions of jobs across many industries, including marketing, customer service, software design, and more. Content writing is one of the fastest-growing jobs on these platforms, where students write for digital agencies such as AWISEE, which use content marketing to help their clients succeed.

Other remote jobs, such as programming, can be a great way for students to build their professional portfolios and improve their career prospects after graduation. While these require a specific skill, they are often still possible for competent students, provided they know the basics. By working on real projects during studies, students can learn a lot more about the language and how to be successful developers.

Are Flexible Learning Solutions the Future of Learning?

While online-only learning may cause difficulties for some students, the advantages of remote classes can’t be ignored. An ideal solution would be to combine the two, creating a flexible learning plan that involves remote classes with in-person ones. Combining online learning tools with traditional classes can help to make learning more interactive and engaging while also ensuring that the course offers flexibility and freedom.

As remote learning also costs less for both students and institutions, it seems like a no-brainer to implement it. The difficult part is getting the right balance to create an ideal learning environment. Online group classes could be combined with one on one sessions to make sure that no students are left behind, and traditional classes can focus on practical, hands-on learning to maximize what each student gets out of being in the classroom.

Ideally, students should be able to set their own schedules, fitting their classes around their lives rather than the other way around. This will improve engagement in the classes while also giving them more freedom to work and enjoy themselves. For many educators, the future of learning is in a combination of online and traditional classroom work. As technology improves, the possibilities for learning change and evolve, meaning that the future of schools and universities could be very different.

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