Dining Departures: Noyer Dining and Quiznos to close in favor of convenience areas, students react

Freshman sports production major Jackson Divincenzo sits at a table at Noyer Dining Apr. 12. Divincenzo frequents the dining hall and enjoys the stir fry. Jacy Bradley, DN
Freshman sports production major Jackson Divincenzo sits at a table at Noyer Dining Apr. 12. Divincenzo frequents the dining hall and enjoys the stir fry. Jacy Bradley, DN

For many students, Noyer Dining and Quiznos have been popular stops over the years, as they offer many different foods that may seem like healthier options compared to other dining halls and are conveniently located in or near the Jo Ann Gora Student Recreation and Wellness Center. However, current financial difficulties the university is facing are preventing Noyer from continuing to operate under its arrangements, said Karen Adkins, senior director of auxiliary services for dining, catering and events. 

“Maintaining Noyer Dining and Quiznos would require additional resources to supplement the lack of sales and increase the food costs for all,” Adkins said via email.  

Ball State University Dining Services is self-operated and purely auxiliary, meaning the university runs dining solely through the revenue generated through food sales. Most of that revenue comes from the meal plans students pay for to eat meals weekly at dining locations across campus. 

Adkins said the contract between Ball State and Quiznos was due for renewal in 2022. Because university administrators agreed to renovate Noyer, they agreed a non-renewal would be the best option. 

Jackson DiVincenzo, freshman telecommunications major, said his favorite thing to eat at Noyer is stir-fry, especially because “there’s nothing like it on campus.” 

“It’s not fried, it’s not heavily processed [and] it doesn’t come in a bag,” DiVincenzo said. “It’s made right there in front of you — custom order — there’s a ton of vegetables and greens.”

DiVincenzo also said he appreciates Noyer’s buffet after working out often throughout the week.

“I know a lot of people say that Noyer doesn’t have the best food, [but] there’s a lot of options because it’s all-you-can-eat,” DiVincenzo said. “I can pick from those options to make sure I’m getting the nutrients and protein I need for the day because I also track my calories.”

Due to the closures, the university will be replacing Noyer with a convenience store with goals to provide a variety of fresh and healthy options. 

“Items include fresh fruits and vegetables, a variety of hot soups, f’real shakes and smoothies, household items, grocery and supplies, bottled beverages and snacks,” Adkins said. 

Adkins said she realizes this decision will upset many students but said these steps are necessary for the university to continue on the correct financial tracks. 

Lily Bushey, freshman architecture major, created a petition for Ball State students to sign to raise awareness on how students feel about the closures of Noyer and Quiznos. Bushey has worked to advertise the petition and make it more known to other Ball State students who feel the same way as she and her friend group. She said her friends assisted her in posting the petition to social media platforms, helping make the petition public. 

“I also created my own posters with a QR code people could scan that would take them directly to the petition and hung them on the bulletin boards around campus,” Bushey said. 

Lily Bushey poses for a photo in front of Quiznos April 11 in the Student Recreation and Wellness Center. Bushey started a petition to raise awareness of students' opinions of the new closures. Rylan Capper, DN

Bushey said she’s concerned about Ball State’s food options and thinks the university needs to expand healthy options offered on campus. She said replacing Noyer and Quiznos with a convenience store is not the best move. 

“I really believe that we need to have more healthier options, and Noyer is also one of the only places that offers tofu options for vegans,” Bushey said. “There’s not enough for people with allergies or vegan options.” 

One reason DiVincenzo said he thinks Dining Services is closing Noyer and Quiznos is because not enough students and staff eat at those locations. 

“I feel like even though Noyer doesn’t attract a ton of people, I still feel like it could be renovated into something that maybe does attract a ton of people,” Divincenzo said. “There’s already a few convenience stores on campus; it doesn’t make sense to add more.” 

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