Ball State Dining to make changes for Fall 2022

With the closure of Noyer and Quiznos, new developments being made

Photo courtesty: Rebecca Slezak, DN File

MUNCIE, Ind.--- Plenty of changes are being made for Ball State Dining including the closure of Noyer, an all you can eat buffet, and Quiznos, a sandwich and convenience store located inside the recreation center.

The permanent closure of these two dining locations on ball state’s campus was met with shock from students who regularly dine at these locations.

University dining is self-supporting based on revenue generated from food sales (primarily meal plan funds). Therefore, university dining told us that maintaining Noyer and Quiznos would require additional resources to supplement that lack of sales which would result in increasing food costs for all.

The agreement between Ball State University and Quiznos was also due for renewal, so they recommended a non-renewal of the agreement.

So what’s happening with the spaces?

According to an email from dining services, they plan to open a convenience store within Noyer in fall of 2022. However, it is unclear what will happen with the Quiznos space.

The new Noyer convenience store location will feature a market environment with a “focus on fresh and healthy”

Items will include fresh fruits and vegetables, variety of hot soups, a milkshake and smoothie machine and many more items.

Also making headlines is the announcement of delivery robots.

In an Instagram post by dining services, they say plan to roll out the robots in Fall of 2022.

Recently, these robots have been a big hit for students at Morgan State University, the first HBCU to have meals on wheels.

A petiton against the closure has been set up by students.

The students say the petition isn’t to save Noyer or Quiznos saying, “This particular petition is to raise awareness and make ball state aware of the issues that a convenience store will bring after closing two areas with healthier food”

The petition can be found here.

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