5 Ways To Wear a Short Sleeve Henley

Sometimes you might look at a piece of clothing and say ‘I have to wear that!” Only for the inevitable next question to be “How do I wear that?” For a short sleeve henley shirt, that is a question that a lot of people are asking. Thankfully, there are a few different ways to wear and pull off a short sleeve henley shirt, and this article is going to list just some of the ways!

What Is A Henley?

A Henly shirt is defined as a collarless shirt that someone pulls over their head, and it also has around 2-5 buttons on it. They can come in short and long sleeves, and are typically menswear, although women have had versions made for them as well. Despite the shirt itself being very simple and versatile, it does take some time to figure out how to wear it effectively.

Way #1: Wear A Henley As A Basic Outfit

Sometimes the best way to rock a short sleeve Henley is to not worry about it. Just pull the shirt on over some shorts or jeans, add some tennis shoes, and then try to figure out if you should leave one or more of the buttons unbuttoned or not! Although for most casual wear it is pretty much up to personal preference.

A henley can also be very interesting as either a standalone shirt or something you wear a plain undershirt with. Either way, it looks good, especially if you have all but the bottom buttons undone or your look.

Way #2: Wearing A Henley With A Jacket

A lightweight jacket or hoodie is one of the easiest ways to upgrade the Henley basic outfit. Henleys can be very plain, even whenever you have them in colors, so an extra jacket can be a very simple way to add some more color and another layer to your outfit. Plus, while Henleys can be very warm on their own, they can also be helped with a jacket on a colder day.

Way #3: Wear A Henley Tucked, Untucked, or Half Tucked

Some men like their shirts tucked in, some like their clothes untucked, some like them half tucked, and for others the tucking of their shirts depends on whether they are wearing a belt that day or the occasion. Thankfully, a Henley is pretty versatile, and you don’t need to worry about your shirt’s level of tuckness impacting your style.

The Henlys will feel good, and will also give you a more modern look as you wear them around town. Plus, you won’t need to constantly be tucking in and tucking out your shirt during the day, because half tucked is a good look!

Way #4: Wear a Henley With Some Slacks Or Jeans

While Henleys can be worn formally or semi-formally, depending on the accessories you use and the occasion of the day, nothing elevates your Henley outfit to the next level than by pairing it with a good pair of slacks! Slack pants can add that extra intelligent look to you as you are wearing your Henley, and it is a very interesting style choice that makes every man look good.

Henleys can also be paired with jeans as well. They can help you look very casual and fun loving, and a good pair of denim jeans with a well fitted Henley almost oozes respect and style to everyone else in the room.

Way #5: Under A Patterned Button Up

There’s something to be said in the fashion world about pairing a solid piece of clothing with a patterned piece of clothing. Your Henley might not be the star of the show, but they will help to accentuate your button up if it has a nice pattern. The three buttons, which will almost always be seen when the Henley is an undershirt, adds some sophistication to your look.

It’s a very good overshirt and undershirt as well, and it will ensure that you look professional in any setting, so if that is the vibe you want to go for, this combination can be good.

Anyway You Wear A Short Sleeve Henley Is A Good Way!

Henleys are very versatile clothing items, and you typically aren’t going to wear a Henley wrong. They can be either formal and business casual, or full on casual fun shirts depending on the style that you wear them with. You’ll have a lot of customizability to work with, and that can be a lot of fun for people who want to improve their style.

So grab a few short sleeved Henleys and start mixing and matching your outfits! You’ll start to find a real style that works for your needs, and then you can show it off the next time that you go out!

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