Choose the Perfect Sized American Flag for Your Home


You’ve decided to purchase a new flag for your home, everything is ready to go, but you don’t know what size flag you need.

Too small and nobody will be able to see it, too big and it’ll look silly. Don’t worry; we are here to help you out. Take a look at the following to get an idea of what will best suit your needs.

Porch Mounted Flags

The most common household flag setups are porch-mounted flags. These are easy to install and look good.

These setups use a standard-sized residential flag, usually a 3’x5’ American Flag. This is perfect-sized for
all of your neighbors to see easily, but it’s also manageable when you need to take it down.

You’ll also want to consider flagpole spinners with this mount. These prevent your flag from balling up in a tangled mess every time the wind switches direction. It’ll save you a ton of time and hassle by not having to pull it down and untangle it.

Porch-mounted flags are an excellent addition to any home, and once fitted with the correct size flag, they will last a long time.

Small Sized Flagpoles

If you’ve decided to add a flagpole to your yard, it’s likely going to be in the range of 8 feet to 20 feet tall. These are what are considered small flagpoles.

Depending on the total height of your flagpole, you can use either a 3’x5’ flag or a 4’x6’ flag for the best visibility and overall aesthetics. However, it is recommended that you go with the bigger flag for heights over 15 feet.

These flagpoles are fairly easy to install but will require a bit of assistance to safely erect as well to make sure it is straight in the ground.

Small flagpoles are a beautiful addition to your yard and can be an excellent centerpiece for your landscaping.

Medium Sized Flagpoles

Medium-sized flagpoles are something in the range of 20 to 25 feet high. The best-sized flag for this setup is the 4’x6” flag. It’s big enough that it’s extremely visible for all to see, but not so big that it looks goofy flying in your yard.

These flagpoles can be installed in your yard or possibly around a business or office. It’s a good size for larger yards or farms as well. For residential purposes, it’s about as big as you’ll want to go.

Installation of these taller flagpoles often requires special equipment, and it’s recommended to be left in the hands of professionals. They’ll ensure that it’s safely set and anchored into the ground properly.

These are very nice flag set ups that will draw eyes to your property when people are traveling by.

Large Sized Flagpoles

These are the flagpoles that you see flying outside businesses, schools, and government buildings. They aren’t often used for residential purposes.

Large flagpoles range in size from 25 feet tall to 35 feet tall. Any larger than that you’ll likely need to order a custom-made commercial-grade flag.

The best size for these flagpoles is the large 5’x8’ flag, as it keeps the flag visible from great distances and looks great!

Professionals always do installation and these poles are heavy duty and require a fair bit of labor to get them set up and anchored.

A giant flag is a great way to draw attention to your business or school and is very easy on the eyes.

Other Types of Flags

Though we just talked about the four main types of flags installed both residentially and commercially, there might be other places you’re looking to fly a flag.

If you want something to attach to your boat, they make mounts specifically for this purpose. Boat flags are generally a bit smaller in size, measuring about 16”x24”. This is a great way to show off your patriotism while on the water.

If you’re looking to install a flag indoors in a classroom or conference room, you’ll want to go with the 3’x5’ flag mounted on a wall mount.


Knowing the right sized flag and installation steps is paramount to having a great looking flag. Hopefully this article shed some light on what size you need, along with what the corresponding installation entails.

Once you get your flag up, you’ll sure be glad you took a few minutes to research it!

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