The history of the luxury RV

RVs have long been a staple in American adventure. They represent a symbol of freedom and a desire to connect with nature and, through that, connect deeper with ourselves. The recreational vehicle conjures images of open highways and vast landscapes of mountains, plains, and forests as it barrels down the open road. The luxury RV has a rich history in American tourism and has become a staple in camping culture throughout the country and the world. For future generations, these vehicles will be spruced up with modern technology, design, and innovations to create an even better experience for passionate travelers.

Early 1900’s and a Booming Automobile Industry
According to the Smithsonian, the first recreational vehicle was built and presented in 1910 at Madison Square Gardens. It was birthed from a growing automotive industry and culture around land transportation. More and more Americans desire to get out of the big cities and explore the beautiful national parks that had only been established 10-20 years before the introduction of the RV. Indeed, much of American travel culture can be attributed to innovations made during the early part of the 20th century, specifically from around 1915-1930.

National Parks Become More Popular
As automotive travel became more accessible and commonplace for families throughout the country, traveling to new locations such as National Parks. Before the rising trend in land transportation, these locations were challenging to get to and even more challenging to explore. This is when a big push to pave roads going through these parks began to take hold severely. At the center of all of this new camping activity is the RV. As camping culture evolved, so did the recreational vehicle, offering new and improved all-in-one alternatives to the towable camper and innovations to the original design.

Camping and Technology

Outdoor activity and technology have always been closely related, despite the assumption that being outdoors is about being without tools. It’s just the opposite. Humans have continuously developed tools to help us not only survive but thrive in even the most remote parts of the natural world. Likewise, innovations allow fans of outdoor activities to enjoy their experiences to the fullest and access new places with ease.

New Innovations in RVs

Following the initial conception of the RV in the 1900s, camping and RV technology began to improve over the decades. The 1960s and ’70s saw the popularity of buses and airstreams, allowing for nomadic lifestyles to thrive amongst the counterculture. RVs have long been a symbol of freedom, allowing free thinkers to roam the land and not be tied down to the hustle and grind of city life. With their popularity came more reliable craftsmanship and a variety of models that offered levels of quality and comfort for every customer.

Festivals and Gatherings

As land travel became the primary way Americans traveled, gatherings like festivals and fairs became far more accessible to a broader audience. The automobile itself was enough to get most young attendees out to some of the world’s first major music festivals, with the more passionate travelers touting RVs and campers to increase their comfort. And they would be needed in those early days of festival culture. Today, this still rings true at the nation's biggest festivals and gatherings like Coachella and Burning Man. These events would not have had the space to evolve into what they are today without the innovation of the automobile and recreational

Modern Technology

Today, RVs are far beyond what they were in the early 20th century. Today you can find sustainably built, durable, and highly functional RVs to make every camping trip one you can remember in style. Sleek modern design and innovations in battery technology make these vehicles powerhouses for the modern camper. A new understanding of manufacturing and construction ensures that new RV models will last the test of time and help you appreciate nature in the best way possible.

The luxury RV is a staple in American travel culture. With its rich and romantic history with the road, it’s unlikely we will see these incredible vehicles diminish from our culture. Nothing beats a luxury RV when it comes to comfort, durability, and mobility. Any outdoor enthusiast should consider investing in a luxury RV today to make your camping experience that much more exciting and keep you coming back for more adventures down the line.

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