5 do-it-yourself ways to renovate your room while spring cleaning

Sophie Nulph, DN
Sophie Nulph, DN

As the weather continues to get nicer and social activities remain closed, spring cleaning cane become more appealing for those practicing self-distancing and quarantining due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Cleaning out closets, tossing out too-small shoes and mowing your yard’s overgrown grass are all common practices of spring cleaning. Redecorating your room is also a way to continue your spring cleaning spree. If you are trying to save money during the COVID-19 pandemic by avoiding shopping for new decorations online, consider these tips for cheap ways to spruce up your quarantining environment. 

Sophie Nulph, DN

1. Move artwork and furniture around. 

Sometimes, a new perspective is all you need. Moving your bed, desk or chair to a different area of your room can make your living space feel completely transformed. Additionally, rotating your artwork around can bring a whole new vibe to a room that may have seemed boring before. Take the piece of art anchoring the wall that your bed is on and move to the parallel wall, or stagger paintings in a new collage-like formation. 

Sophie Nulph, DN

2. Create a new headboard.

Having a headboard can change the theme of your room easily, but new headboards can be hundreds of dollars. Making your own headboard costs less than $30 can turn a childhood room into one that is more suited to your current style. Find a sheer curtain around the house, or purchase one on Amazon for $6, and hang some twinkle lights vertically over the curtain. While creating this DIY headboard can help change the whole theme of your room, it can also help to add extra light if your room faces away from the sun. 

Sophie Nulph, DN

3. Paint inspirational quotes.

While quarantine can be an anxious time for many, bringing anxiety into your bedroom isn’t desirable. To keep positivity within your work and sleep space, add some positive thinking into your subconscious by putting meaningful messages on your walls. Quotes like, “today is the beginning of whatever you want it to be,” and “the best is yet to come” can help eliminate some negativity that can easily creep in when you are working in your pj’s all day long. 

Sophie Nulph, DN

4. Create a macrame art piece.

To break up decoration space and bring some juxtaposition to the flat surface of a wall, add textures like wood and movable fabric into a decoration space to create multiple focus points when looking at a wall. A simple solution would be to add a macrame piece to your art collection. It is as easy as finding a stick in your backyard and tying some colorful string to it. While most macrame pieces have intricate knots involved in the art, simple can sometimes be better when adding multiple colors to the work.

Sophie Nulph, DN

5. Paint new artwork to change your room’s theme. 

Aside from inspirational quotes, painting can be soothing when you take your time. It can be as simple as looking up beginner Pinterest pieces to imitate on your own surfaces. Paintings like abstract mountains in a monochromatic scheme can help bring a wall to life and make the artist look professional. The activity is not only fun to add to your new room decorations, but it can also be a fun way to pass the time with a family member. You can try to paint on a new surface with your sibling, like an old vinyl you found in your garage. 

In a time of such uncertainty and fear, sometimes it’s best to go back to the simple joys. Redecorating your room or even doing crafts just to pass the time can help to invoke a childhood spirit and creativity that can help drive your motivation during a difficult transition or new period. These are all activities that cost less than $30, and if you need supplies, you can even purchase them from local businesses that ship to help stimulate local economies. 

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