Wintry mix system moves in tonight

Today: Cloudy skies persist throughout the day but will start to transition over to a wintry mix tonight. Temperatures will be hovering around the mid 30s with breezy winds coming from the East North East 

Tonight: The system from the southwest will start to move in bringing sleet and ice to our southern counties in our viewing area. Approximately around 0.2 inches of ice is expected. Temperatures will drop below freezing and winds will continue to be breezy while gusting up to 20 mph.  

7 Day Forecast: For the next couple of days, we can continue to expect to see some snow showers with a wintry mix on Thursday. Coming to the weekend, this system will have tracked east out of the area and bring overcast skies and temperatures will slowly start to rise next week. 

- Weather Forecaster Chris Guevara

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