The battle between winter and spring

Tonight: Pretty similar evening tonight as like it was today. Not as cold as last night but still pretty chilly. Getting down to 9 degrees tonight, watch out for the pick up of winds. As they will pick up to 10-20mph by tomorrow morning. This will lead to colder windchills, so make sure if you are heading out the door tonight or tomorrow morning that you are wearing a coat, hats, and gloves, because it will be chilly. Any long period of exposer can lead to hypothermia or even frost bite, so make sure you stay layered. 

Tomorrow:Pretty similar pattern to how its been over all this winter, as we make our way into the weekend and early next week. Temperatures look to rise up into the 40s, but with the warmer temperatures moving in clouds and more precip will move in as well. 

7-Day Forecast: Not a bad forecast at all. Had a true winter feeling the past few days with snow accumulating up to 4-5inches in some areas, and with the bitter cold temperatures yesterday and today. It looks to change as we head into the week. Temperatures in the 40's through out early next week but  beginning on Monday you can expect to see another round of precip. With some rain on Monday and the possibility for another round of a wintery mix on Tuesday.


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