The Shondell Effect

Jacob Musselman, DN
Jacob Musselman, DN

Two names hold the significance of royalty in Delaware County.

The first is Ball. As the namesake of the local university and the name of the family who brought jobs to Muncie in the early 20th century, the Balls have given Delaware County’s biggest city a comfortable spot on any United States map.

The second name has a different long-lasting effect in a state that embraces a rich basketball history. They created a new tradition on the same hardwood floor courts that were meant for a ball and a hoop.

Don Shondell never intended to transform the game of volleyball; in fact, he never meant to have any involvement in athletics until one incident changed it all. A factory accident while working in Fort Wayne, Indiana, paved the way for Don and his three sons, Steve, Dave and John, as pioneers of volleyball not just in Muncie, but in the United States. The accomplishments of Don and his three sons have cemented their family name in the legend and lore of Muncie and American volleyball.

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