Snow on the way

Current - Temperatures are currently about 40 degrees. Skies are cloudy, and it's raining out so be sure to have an umbrella handy. Not only is rain in store for the day, but there also is snow on the way too. With that, we are currently under a winter storm watch that it in affect until Thursday. 

Tonight - The rain will continue, and there is a chance that this rain could be accompanied by snow. Temperatures will drop to the freezing mark creating chances for the rain to freeze. 

Tomorrow - The winter storm watch will still be in affect. Snow will be impacting the area throughout the day along with some rain. Temperatures will be in the 30's and will drop to the low 20's by tomorrow evening. 

7-Day Forecast - Behind the winter storm system that is expected to clear out by Thursday, are temperatures below the freezing mark and partly sunny skies. Heading into Monday of next week, more rain will roll through the area, but despite the chance for precipitation. Temperatures will be near the 50's on Monday, with the high around 28 degrees. 

- Weather Forecaster Morgan Taylor 


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