Rain Chances

Tonight - Tonight skies will be mostly cloudy. Temperatures will drop to the 40's with the low for the evening being 49. Winds will come out of the SW at speed between 11-21mph. Gusts could reach speeds as high as 30mph. Showers and thunderstroms will continue as there is a 50% chance that these will occur. 

Tomorrow - Temperatures will be as high as 56 degrees. Winds will be very strong as gust could reach speeds of 30mph. Skies will be partly cloudy. By tomorrow evening. Temperatures will drop to around 41 degrees. 

7-Day Forecast - Temperatures will be in the mid 50's to low 60's. Skies should clear up by Tuesday and remain clear through Wednesday. By Thursday and Friday, rain could roll back in as there is a 20% chance of precipitation for those day. By Saturday, conditions should clear up, and on Sunday, rain could roll back in as the chance for precipitation is 20%. 

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- Weather Forecaster Morgan Taylor 


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