Could we see snow by the end of the week?

Tonight: The main story will be the rain. Expect the rain to stick around for the rest of the night. Temperatures will be cool and winds will be mild from 5-10 mph.

Tomorrow: We will start out mild with temperatures in the lower 50 then we will cool off as we progress into the day. Showers will continue throughout the day and then transitioning over into flurries in the overnight. Trick or Treat has been move because of the constant rain and cooler temperatures

Friday: You might wake up to some snow on the ground and could even have enough to make a snowball. Sunny skies will replace the rain and snow with temperatures will be in the mid 40's for most of the day. 

7-Day forecast: Our main weather maker that will last Wednesday night until Friday morning will bring rain and snow into the area. Once that moves out, we will get a mix of sunny skies and cloudy skies for the next few days. Monday is looking like the best day of the week with temperatures in the mid 50s with sunny skies. 

Weather Forecaster Tyler Ryan

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