This Afternoon:  This afternoon, we will see high temperatures climb into the mid to upper 80s, with winds bringing that warm, dry air from the Southwest at 5-10 mph.

Tonight:  Overnight tonight we will be seeing temperatures drop into the mid 60s, and mostly clear skies continue into the evening as well. Winds will be present, 5-10 mph out of the South.

Photo Provided by NewsLink Indiana Weather Team

Tomorrow:  Tomorrow is another warm, summer-like day almost identical to today. Temperatures will climb above 80 degrees by noon, and will continue to rise to the mid 80s by the late afternoon. Winds out of the SW at 5-10 mph continue through tomorrow as well.

Photo Provided by NewsLink Indiana Weather Team

7-Day Forecast:  Over the rest of this week and into the next week, we continue to see warm conditions through the weekend, with cooler temps finally coming at the beginning of next week. The end of the weekend is where our rain chances will occur, with a 40% chance of thunderstorms on Sunday and 40% chance of rain on Monday, followed by temps in the mid to upper 70s for the first half of next week.

Photo Provided by NewsLink Indiana Weather Team

-Weather Forecaster Jordan Wolfe

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