Clear and sunny skies continue

Today: Today, temperatures will be in the mid 80's with the high for the day being 85 degrees. Going into tonight, there will be partly cloudy skies, and temperatures will drop to about 63 degrees.

Tuesday: The high for the day will be about 81 degrees, with mostly sunny skies. Going into Tuesday night, skies will remain clear, and temperatures will drop to the low 60's, with the low for the day being 60 degrees.

7-Day Forecast: For the remainder of the week, temperatures will remain in the mid 80's. We will continue to see mostly clear and sunny skies. Temperatures could get as low as 62 degrees, but things will stay pretty dry for most of the week, as there is a 20 percent chance for showers and thunderstorms. 

-- Weather Forecaster Morgan Taylor 

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