Featuring 20-foot screens, lights that can be seen almost a mile away and lasers that require federal waivers, Muncie has never witnessed a concert scene like this before. 

Sight and Sound, a Muncie family owned business, will host Ignite Music Festival on Dill Street in The Village to introduce Muncie and Ball State to many outdoor musical firsts. 

“[Ignite Music Festival] is about having a safe space for people to party, especially the freshmen,” said Jake Struble, a Ball State student and employee at Sight and Sound. “It’s kind of like a big community-wide event.”

The music festival produced by Sight and Sound will be April 5 in The Village. Tickets can be purchased online or at the gates for $7. 

Struble said employees at Sight and Sound have been working and scheduling the Ignite Music Festival since last year’s ended in September. 

“The fact that [this year] it’s an outdoor festival is ever promoters’ biggest fear,” Struble said. 

Although, Struble said he still has high hopes for the festival, and he has been working to make sure his sponsors know the concert will be well ran. 

“This is going to be a good way to show the sponsors that there is a way to do a festival and not leave [the area] trashed,” Struble said. “I want my sponsors to ask me to come back because of their good experience.”

Alongside sponsors, Struble said he hopes everyone who shows up to see how special this event is. 

Kobe Cook, a sophomore DJ who will be performing, said the production for the Ignited Music Festival will make it one of the most unique music festivals to come to Muncie. 

“The production will be one for the books,” Cook said. “It will be the biggest production that Sight and Sound has put on.”

More than 10 DJs are currently scheduling to perform, so Struble said there should be a little bit of music for everyone, from trap music to heavy electronic dance music. 

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