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When astronauts are in space, they are given the unique opportunity to see the earth from a different perspective than most people on earth. 

Seeing the earth from space is something that very few people get to experience, and “Bella Gaia,” or Beautiful Earth, gives audiences the opportunity to do so.

 Bella Gaia will be held at 7:30 p.m. on April 12, 2019 in Emens Auditorium.

Kenji Williams, the director and composer is currently an artist in residence at the University of Colorado at Boulder. Williams is an award winning director and has authored two books.

In 2015, Williams was named one of Origin MagazinesTop 100 creative” people, according to William’s website

“The experience is created using NASA satellite imagery, earth imagery, nature photography and live world music and dance on stage,” said Kristi Chambers, the assistant director of marketing and communications. 

Bella Gaia was brought to Ball State with special funding from the Marie Smith-Gray Fund and is being put on free of charge for all students and community members.

Robert Myers attended a conference where he meets with artists and agencies and was impressed with the unique production and educational multimedia connection. Myers worked to bring the experience to Ball State. 

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