OUR VIEW: Elevated above the rest: 1 slate stands tall in Ball State’s SGA Election

Editor’s note: Elevate’s vice presidential candidate Cameron DeBlasio currently contributes to NewsLink Indiana, an organization housed in the Unified Media Lab with The Daily News. He served as assistant news director for NewsLink from January to December 2018.  

Each year, The Daily News editorial board has the option to endorse a slate or vote no confidence. This year’s decision was reached after intense deliberation among members of the board.

This year’s Student Government Association (SGA) election features three slates running with a total of 38 platform points between them, each with its own personality, passion and problems.

Every one of these aspects — including platform point feasibility, debate performance and campaigning — were taken into account to determine if and who The Daily News would endorse. 

With this in mind, as well as the recent news regarding copyright violations, we have decided to cautiously endorse Elevate.

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Elevate — led by Aiden Medellin, Cameron DeBlasio and Cassidy Mattingly, all of whom currently serve in SGA, and David Sinclair — demonstrates a level of experience.

The Daily News determined that five of Elevate’s 15 platform points were achievable, giving it more feasible points than Empower and United combined. 

The slate’s points — including an additional blue loop bus, which was tested Thursday because Elevate reached out to Ball State’s Transportation Services — are clear and well-researched.

While a few of Elevate’s platform points may aim too high — such as commuter Living Learning Communities access, big entertainment at Emens and a peer mentor program — the slate as a whole manages to outperform United and Empower. 

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While Empower may have a passion to better the lives of the students around them, the lack of SGA experience and basic research into platform points is concerning.

On the other hand, United does have experience, with all four members serving in SGA in some capacity. This experience, however, is not reflected within the slate's platform points, as many are vague and improbable.

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Looking at the level of research, experience and ambition, Elevate stands out as the obvious choice.

However, The Daily News vehemently stands against copyright infringement, an act for which Elevate must now pay $100 in fines after using Ball State’s logo without permission.

It is concerning that anyone pursuing a career in government — student or otherwise — does not understand copyright laws. 

Therefore, while understanding its platform points, experience and ambitions, we exercise caution in our endorsement of Elevate.