Every semester, the Ball State Late Nite committee creates designated themes for Saturday night entertainment on campus. 

This spring, students can expect to see a few repeating themes, such as “Late Nite Carnival,” as well as new themes to experience.  

Currently, the Late Nite committee has finished planning the first four events of the semester. While the other themes have been announced, the Late Nite committee has not yet scheduled the exact activities that will be available for students during these nights. 

Below is more information about the first four Late Nites and a list of all other themes. 

Jan. 12 — “When You Wish Upon a Late Nite”

For the first Late Nite after winter break, the committee created a theme that revolves around Disney. Students will be able to see some of their favorite films within the decoration. Students can also take part in a “Toy Story” themed escape room, where the mission will be to think like a toy and escape Sid’s bedroom. Additionally, there will be multiple games of laser tag going on within the UFO shaped field. “When You Wish Upon a Late Nite” will help students bring their Disney dreams to life. 

Jan. 19 — “Late Nite Saves the Day”

For those who can feel their “Late Nite senses tingling,” this superhero themed Late Nite is the place to go for all things super. The theatre department will be offering face painting, and there will be a showing of the movie, “Venom.” Additionally, students can get active by participating in archery tag and obstacle courses, where students will have the chance to win a coffee maker that looks like Iron Man. Alongside all of the activity, students can also indulge in a nacho bar. 

Jan. 26 — “March On, Late Nite”

To celebrate Ball State’s 2019 Unity Week, this Late Nite event will feature a wheelchair obstacle course hosted by the Alliance for Disability Awareness. There will also be a silent disco party for students to partake in as well as henna tattoos. For the first time of the 2018-19 school year, Late Nite will be serving free pizza from Little Caesars for any hungry students. 

Feb. 2 — “Late Nite Through the Looking Glass” 

Students will be able to visit a fantasy world with this Alice in Wonderland themed Late Nite. Students can watch comedy and magic acts in addition to a Cheshire Cat aerial performance and a Mad Hatter Mentalist show. Students can also create a tea party painting while enjoying a tea bar. 

Feb. 09 — “Late Nite: Love Bites” 

“Skeptical or Romantic? All are welcome!”

Feb. 16 — “Late Nite: Pillow Fight” 

“You’re invited to our slumber party!”

Feb. 23 — “Late Nite on Bourbon Street” 

“Party like it’s Fat Tuesday!”

March 16 — “The Lost Late Nite” 

“A prehistoric party.” 

March 23 — “Late Nite: Chirpchella” 

“We’re bringing the valley to you!”

March 30 — “Late Nite Knockout” 

“The first rule of Late Nite is…”

April 6 — “Born to Late Nite, Baby” 

“Why, it’s Grease lightnin’!”

April 12 — “Late Nite Carnival”

“Join us for our biggest event of the year!”

April 20 — “Give Me S’more Late Nite”

“We’re going camping!”

April 27 — “UPick Late Nite” 

“The choice is yours!” 

All Late Nite events are held 9 p.m. to 1 a.m. in the L. A. Pittenger Student Center, with the exceptions of March 30, which will be held in the Ball State Student Recreation and Wellness Center, and April 12, which will be held in Ball State’s C-1 parking lot.