Muncie families earn Elf licenses, help Santa during the busy holiday

Two-year-old Levi Miller works for his Elf license by building toys in Santa's Workshop Dec. 15, 2018, at the Muncie Children's Museum. Santa's workshop is the third to last stop for in-training elves. Scott Fleener, DN
Two-year-old Levi Miller works for his Elf license by building toys in Santa's Workshop Dec. 15, 2018, at the Muncie Children's Museum. Santa's workshop is the third to last stop for in-training elves. Scott Fleener, DN

The Amazing Elf Adventure is open for field trip groups Thursdays and Fridays, and open to the public Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. 

Admission is $3 for MCM members, and $4 for non-members. There is also a package of admission for both the Amazing Elf Adventure and the museum for $8. 

The last day for the event is Dec. 23. 

With Christmas almost here, Santa needs as much help as he can get at the North Pole finishing toys for good little girls and boys. 

To do their part, Muncie families can complete their elf training and earn their Elf licenses at the Amazing Elf Adventure in Muncie’s Children’s Museum. 

“This is our sixth year doing it,” said head elf Shelly Linder. “We do it every year. We start the day after Thanksgiving.”

Throughout the museum, different elf characters wait to help families complete their assigned task for the room they are in. Here is a break down of each workshop:

Employment Bureau of New Elves 

The elves-in-training start their journey at the Employment Bureau of New Elves where they get their training handbook and their weight and height are measured in North Pole measurements.

The locker room for Santa's reindeer is the first stop for in-training elves. The banners help everyone remember the names of all nine. Scott Fleener, DN

Reindeer Locker Room

The future elves first training scenario takes them to Santa’s reindeer locker room where they have to match each locker with the correct reindeer using the locker numbers.

Polar Express

Next, the training elves take a quick break aboard the Polar Express, as they arrive at the North Pole.

Snow Globe 

The first stop after stepping off the Polar Express is the Snow Globe, where elves help find snowballs and get to have a snowball fight.

Holiday Room

Here, the soon-to-be elves appreciate two different winter holidays: Kwanzaa, a celebration of African Heritage, by making bracelets, and Hanukkah, a jewish religious festival, by lighting a Menorah. The hard working elves also make a holiday cards.

Santa’s Workshop 

Afterwards, the elves go to Santa’s workshop to help make toys for children all around the world. Santa also left his naughty and nice list out so elves who weren’t as nice this year have a chance to get something other than coal this christmas.

The elves in the Elf Postal Service use the conveyor belt in the Elf Command Center to ensure that all presents are delivered by Christmas morning. At the Muncie Children's Museum in-training elves have been helping Santa run the conveyor. Scott Fleener, DN

Elf Command Center

After going through a dizzying portal, the elves visit the brains of Santa’s team by visiting the Elf Command Center. The elves help deliver presents with the Elf Postal Service by helping Santa find where the children live on his map of the world.

Obstacle Course 

The last challenge the elves face is the obstacle course, where they go down a chimney and ride a reindeer through a series of cones to make sure they can fly Santa’s sleigh in any weather condition.

After all of their hard work, the in-training elves receive their Elf license, but they aren’t done until they find their elf names. They must look for clues in Mrs. Claus’s classroom that help them discover their titles. 

When they finish the Amazing Elf Adventure, elves can “expect a certain place on the nice list, as well as an experience they won’t forget learning about different holidays and the history of Christmas,” said Tinsel Garland, one of Santa’s elves. 

Santa uses this chair to read to his helpers when he visits. Santa will visit the Muncie Children's Museum again Dec. 23, 2018. Scott Fleener, DN

One new elf, Anastasia Allen said, “It took a long way to get all the way to the back,” and even though the tasks weren’t very hard for her, she learned something new the whole time.

Ashley Taylor, the mother of another new elf, and her family also attended to help Santa, and she said, the training was “really fun, and [they] really enjoyed it.”

Any families who wish to become official elves this Christmas still have until Dec. 23, and Linder said Santa will be making an appearance Dec. 23 to personally thank his helpers. 

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